You will never get clear by standing still and doing nothing, you know?!

You will never get the clarity you desire just by thinking and thinking and thinking.

The ACTION is what clears you.

The ACTION is what answers the questions.

THE ACTION will also lift your mood, unless you go and do some thing that you really do not want to do but think you HAVE TO do.

Clarity can only be found as you ACT!

There is no other way.

Tempting though it is, to wait for that moment of perfect clarity when you know that you know that you know.

It will not come while you wait.

It will come when you act.

It will come as you move towards your vision and dreams.

Or maybe, it won’t.

And you will realise that you do not need as much clarity as you thought.

Maybe, it was enough to know the next step, after all.

Maybe, you can learn to live with that.

And learn to trust that you will never be left alone or forsaken.

And that the entire universe is backing you up and you can simply enjoy the journey.

Because it is going even further and more expansive than you ever asked for or dreamt of.


Just take that next step.

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Much Amazing Love

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