It seems reasonable

It seems sensible

It seems logical

It seems like common sense

It seems practical

Everyone would agree with you that THAT is what a sensible person would do.

And yet, if it goes against the nudge within you – that intuitive nudge from the Divine…?

Then honey, it is fear and it will NEVER get you where you want to go until you courageously start following the Divine whisper within you.

You DO KNOW what it is.  However you have so trained yourself to respond only to fear and so it can sometimes feel so unclear.

Are you not tired of going round in circles?

Day after day, month after month, year after year, continually feeling the same despair and frustration because you are avoiding the intuitive nudge within you, though you tell yourself all manner of other stories about why you are feeling this ongoing low-level sadness.

Maybe, you have even gone to the physician, gotten those anti-depressant meds or is it anti-anxiety?

Anything to help you keep functioning in a life that feels so much less than you had imagined for yourself.

I feel for you, my love.

I almost got caught up in that myself when I was a pharmacist, looking the part of success but feeling so low, feeling like a fraud, knowing I was meant for more.

The Doctor was about to prescribe the drugs for me but something inside of me chose to hold off.

I finally woke up and changed what I was immersing myself in.

I finally started responding to the Divine nudge though I was pretty darned scared – it did almost always seemed to involve money that I certainly did not have and after bankruptcy, you can be sure I was terrified of finding myself back in a hole!

But I had to do something.


This could not be my life.

I could not live with all this fear forever.

And neither can you.

You don’t have to.

Start now to dissolve the self doubt that keeps you procrastinating on your true design destiny with the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Start now to take part in that which will support you in being all you can be.

It is time to regain the confidence of youth.  It is still there, just covered over by self-doubt and fear.

Allow the programs and the bootcamps in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY to dissolve and resolve all that cloaks you.


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Much Amazing Love

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