Acting despite fear

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It’s been four days since my last post all about my love affair with Twilight.  I had intended to do them everyday except for THE day.  Yes, I mean the day Edward and Bella came to an end on the big screen.  I know, it is sad really that I am sooooo into it but well, what can I say – Everyone has a weakness 🙂  and this is certainly mine.

Well, it has been a few days and yet, I still cannot quite get them out of my head.  I think you should all go see the finale of the Twilight Saga.  It is well worth it.

OK, trying to move on…

Fear and action

What can I talk about today?  It’s Sunday today.  I do my Pharmacy thing on a Sunday and it always feels slightly strange as I have usually spent the week, viewing houses, showing round potential tenants and more and then all of a sudden, Sunday arrives and I become a professional again.  I put on a suit and go into work.  I listen to people, help them where I can with their various ailments and I dispense their medication.  It feels pretty different from my normal life.

I remember when I started Pharmacy, I did a whole lot of training (which involved a whole lot of hardship as I had to work my way through 6 years of College and Uni with no parental support), studied my butt off, passed all the exams and did a year long internship. And then one day, the final exam came.  I was 25 and I felt like I had trained my whole life for this moment and I was petrified – Supposing I failed, supposing all that time and effort was for nothing.  After a very restless night, I sat down to breakfast with my hands shaking like I have never experienced before.  I went into the exam and was pleasantly surprised by how simple it seemed.  I wondered why I had been so worried.

Three weeks later, the results came in the post and I thankfully passed and my mind was put at ease for a second.  Now suddenly, I was a registered Pharmacist and was responsible for ensuring that the patients I dealt with were safe and did not die as a result of a choice I made.  It was very nerve-wracking but with time and continual practice, I stopped feeling afraid.  It became second nature to me.

Now, I am into property.  Acting despite fear has become part of my life again.  I look back on the above experience and remember that fear is always at the start of something new.  Fear that I would not be able to afford to finish Uni, Fear that I would fail my exams, Fear that I would kill someone, fear seems to punctuate anything new initially.  Fear does not however have to stop me from moving on.

Fear does not have to stop you moving on either.

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