The accumulation of knowledge

What kind of knowledge accumulator are you?

There are some people who know not very much but they use the little they know to accomplish their goals and meet their purpose.

There are some who know very little and do not care to continue to find out more as they are satisfied being where they are at.  I suppose there is peace in that.

And then there are some people that know a lot about everything but have never actually applied any of that knowledge at all.  They spiel off loads of facts and figures but in reality, they are untested and untried.  They are the ones that vehemently argue their point, they leave annoyance and frustration behind them as they try to prove that they know more than the other person but in reality, they have never lived any of the knowledge.

That used to be me.  Actually, sometimes it still is me.  I occasionally like a good argument but it is not always nice for the people I am arguing with.  The truth is, it is easier to argue than it is to actually put things into practice.

The Teachings of Napoleon HillI have been listening to Napoleon Hill for a while now – It is 35 hours long!.  The material I am listening to is called
The Teachings of Napoleon Hill
and it goes into 16 laws (as he calls them) of success.  Yep, in very great detail.  I find it quite insightful.  He does talk about having a definite purpose which, of course, is essential.  He also talks about the organising of knowledge which is what got me thinking about the different kinds of people.

He tells a story of Henry Ford in a court room being ridiculed for his lack of common knowledge.  Finally Henry gets fed up of the accusations and says to the argumentative, condescending lawyer, something along the lines of ‘Why do I need to keep all that information in my head when I can pick up a phone at any point and find it out if I need to? Why waste my time gathering useless information? I use my head only for what I need to know for the task at hand”

I think he said considerably less than that but hopefully you get the gist of it.

We spend at least the first 16 – 18 years of our lives in mainstream education being force fed ( in some cases) a vast array of information that most of us have hardly used for anything.  As adults, we can now choose what information we gather and most importantly what we do with the information we gather.

There is a saying that goes “To know and not to do, is not to know” and I find that to be true.  What is the point of knowing all manner of information if it is irrelevant to our definite aim in life?

So what kind of knowledge accumulator are you?

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