We look out to the world to give us permission to think what we think, be who we are, do what we think we want to do.

The world may be our families, friends, bosses, whoever…

We look into their eyes for confirmation that what we want is acceptable

And we doubt ourselves if they question us or tell us that it cannot work that way

We forget that they too are simply making it up as they go along.

Who made them boss of us?

And yes, yes, yes, I know you are super confident on the outside…

I see beneath the facade though

For goodness’ sake, I see beneath mine too.

I see the need for approval and acceptance from those outside of us

I see how I let it hold me back for years as I tried so hard to fit within the boxes others laid out for me.

I was a weird blend of rebellion and ‘please like me!’

And it was such a waste of time and energy.

I simply had to accept me

I simply had to accept my own vision

I simply had to decide that what I wanted was valid

I had nothing to rebel against or submit to


Or I should have been

But it took some time, for me to finally see…

I wonder if you are ready to see or if you are still caught up in trying to be acceptable to those around you

Trying to file down your sharp edges so that they like you and add you to their circles

trying to silence the questions inside of you…

The questions that wonder if this is it

The questions that wonder whether that dogma, that cultural norm, that tradition is right for you…

Will you choose to give yourself permission to be all of you?

It takes guts.

But you have those.


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Much Amazing Love

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