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Let's cut out all the fluff


There IS A Simple, Straightforward & Swift Path To A 6-Figure Coaching / Healing / Course-Creator Business

And the Deliberate Millionaire's 6 FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS ACCELERATOR Will teach you that EXACT path.

🔴 You don't need a full website (though you may want one later, AFTER you are making money!).

🔴 You don't need super-technical skills.

🔴 You don't need that much time.

🔴 You don't need a million dollars in the bank.

✅ You DO need to be committed to your vision of living out your purpose & helping others

✅ You DO need to be coachable

✅ You DO need to act fast & consistently on what you learn to do.

✅ You DO need to be willing to move forward despite any fears & doubts

✅ You DO need to ask for support when you need it

✅ You DO need to show up for your own awesome amazing life, even when it feels like it could be a silly childish dream.

You ARE meant for more

You CAN be fulfilled, fully self-expressed & living out your purpose

You ARE called to make a big difference on this planet

You CAN turn your skills and wisdom into a 6 figure (or more) income

You CAN bring in a consistently high monthly income while working a lot less than you currently are

And you CAN do it in a short space of time with focus, a clear marketing strategy and consistent action.

So tell me...

✅ What if you woke up each morning, excited about the day ahead, enthusiastic about the clients you get to coach, counsel or heal that day, grateful for your abundant bank balance, KNOWING that you are free to do what you want, when you want, with whoever you want?

How awesome would it feel to know you NEVER EVER need to utter those dreaded words "I can't afford it" EVER again?  

✅ Imagine yourself having lots of time to spend in meditation or spiritual study to deepen your connection to Your Higher Power and increase your spiritual wisdom...

✅ Imagine yourself travelling, seeing more of the world and KNOWING that money is coming in FROM YOUR PURPOSE WORK and the purpose-aligned business you created... 

✅ Imagine being around your children (or any young people you feel called to mentor), imagine being part of their everyday life, mentoring them, guiding them, showing them an example of what life can be like when you choose to live profitably in your life's purpose...

✅ Imagine making a difference to the people you feel called to support, and giving money to the charities that mean something to you, without any worry about not having enough...

✅ Imagine paying off all debts easily with the profits from your business

✅ And imagine creating this lifestyle without working hard all day, everyday in an unfulfilling, soul-draining work situation...  

🚫 Imagine life WITHOUT the feeling of overwhelm and uncertainty...  

🚫And imagine life without the fear, anxiety, the low-level sadness and self-doubt that slows down your every move...

This Is The Life Of A Purpose-Led & Profitable Coach, Healer, Course-Creator And It Can Be Your Life Too.

It is time to stop wallowing in the struggle, the indecision and the lack mindset...

It is time to stop doing the same things over and over again, hoping that a miracle will happen and your business will become profitable by itself.

It is time to stop wasting time and money trying to figure it all out alone.




It is time to WAKE UP & ACCELERATE.

The Next 6 Weeks Will Set You Up For 6-Figure Success

Are You Ready?




This Is A 6 Week Combined Private/Group Program

You Get A Private One-On-One 50 Minute PERSONAL $100K BLUEPRINT Session (See Module 1 Below For Explanation)

Plus 5 AFFLUENCE Group Coaching Calls With Me

Plus WHATSAPP ONE-TO-ONE ACCESS to me over audio, video or text messages to ask any questions & ask for my input.  

This will be an intimate group. The calls will be 60 minutes long and will be held on...

TUESDAYS at 5pm UK, 12pm Eastern, 11am Central, 9am Pacific

During each of the group calls, each person will get coached and each person gets time to ask their questions. Do whatever it takes to come to each call live as this is where I can give you live support and guidance. Your marketing materials can be looked over, you can role play discovery sessions and get better at converting clients, I can help you come up with content ideas and so much more on these calls.



You are unique. Your message is unique. Your experiences are unique. This makes the way you deliver your wisdom and services different from anyone else. And the people you are called to serve, are waiting to hear specifically from YOU!

The Divine made no mistake when your vision was placed within you, with your specific likes and dislikes so, KNOW THIS - There IS a unique path for you to your $100K business that helps people, transforms lives and makes a difference

In this module, I will help you distill that out.

First, you will receive an intake form and an email inviting you to schedule a

One-on-One 50 minute PERSONAL $100K BLUEPRINT session with me.

Before the session, you will also receive the module work which will support you to

  • Get Crystal Clear Clarity On Your Business, Yourself, What You are Called To Do, How You Want your Business To Look
  • Set goals that will help you reach your impact and income targets
  • Create a personalized plan that will help you grow your business to 6-figures and beyond
  • Decide on your ideal client, their pain points and why they will buy from you
  • Know what transformation you offer
  • Create a package that your ideal clients cannot resist
  • Clarify your pricing
  • Get out of the employee mindset where you swap dollars for hours and instead become a true business owner with no cap on the income you allow yourself to create
  • Know how to start getting their attention
  • Own your role as expert in the area of transformation you choose
  • Know how to do market research so that you are speaking directly to the heart of your ideal client

During the private PERSONAL $100K BLUEPRINT session, we will work together to create your fastest path to 6 figures.

You will leave the session...

  • Clear on your 6-FIGURE NICHE
  • Clear on the ideal client for you
  • Clear on your 6 figure package/service offering
  • Clear on your pricing
  • Clear on lead magnet/free giveaway
  • Clear on the overall marketing strategy
  • Knowing how to handle any money blocks that come up in the session so that you do not sabotage your ability to create 6 figures with the business plan we create together in this module.


In this module, you will discover how to rapidly get the attention of your prospects & enrol them.  Using a very simple social media and advertising strategy, you will immediately start getting people to show interest in having a conversation with you.  This is the week where you will immediately start to get paying clients.

By the end of this module, you will...

  • Have a marketing asset that can be used time and time again to draw in paying clients
  • Discover one simple proven technique for building trust and rapport with potential clients
  • Understand how easy it is to grow your business and make the difference you are here to make
  • Have a growing social media presence as a result of deploying the simple task in this module
  • Have created a steady stream of discovery session requests
  • Have a marketing machine working for you, day in, day out, to grow your business
  • Discover how to effectively use Facebook Advertising, starting at just $5-10 a day


In this module, you will master the art of leveraging social media to build your email list full of prospects who love to hear form you and desire to work with you.

Social Media makes it possible for everyone, ANYONE to reach more of the people who are interested in what they have to offer.  Whether you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert, there is a way to use social media to your advantage and we will explore that in this module & remember your social media marketing plan will be based on your personal $100K blueprint so you will never be asked to do something that feels out of alignment to you.

You will also learn how to create a free offer that gets your people to say YES to jumping on your email list so that you can consistently follow up with them away from the distractions of social media

By the end of this module, you will...

  • Have a clear and personalised social media plan that will continually attract your people to your world
  • Discover how to build a loyal community of followers who love your work
  • Establish your business voice, engage your people and have lots of fun networking with people who love who you are & what you do
  • Learn how to leverage social media to build relationships that lead to sales
  • Learn how to use the most popular platforms to reach the people you are called to serve
  • Learn to research, create & title a free offer that your people cannot resist
  • Provide lots of value while also helping people see why they must work with you
  • Make it easy for your people to choose you
  • Start changing lives even before they buy anything from you
  • Get the attention of the right people for you


This will probably be the most technical module but I will teach it to you in a really straightforward and simple way so that you are easily able to understand exactly what to do.


  • Step by step videos showing you EXACTLY what to do to create your opt-in page, your free session page
  • Step by step videos showing you how to set up your email marketing application
  • Step by step videos teaching you EXACTLY how to create a high-converting sales funnel that attracts paying clients

By the end of this module, you will...

  • Know how to use online marketing to grow your 6 figure business
  • Understand all the terms used in online marketing so that you are no longer bamboozled by marketing 'gurus' telling you about magical online marketing tricks that do not exist
  • Have a sales funnel that is capable of creating a 6 figure income as you change the lives of all the clients that sign up with you
  • Know how to optimize your sales funnel for maximum results
  • Understand why your business has not worked in the past, despite trying to follow all the free suggestions you picked up online


In this module, you will learn how to use Facebook advertising & email marketing to get your free giveaway out into the marketplace and how to ensure you always make your money back from any advertising you do. As you go through this module, you will discover where most of your sales will come from. this is one area that too many entrepreneurs miss out on.

By the end of this module, you will...

  • Know how to use email marketing and facebook advertising to grow your list
  • Know how to use free methods to grow your list of interested prospects
  • Learn how to create content that resonates with your target audience and attracts paying clients
  • See just how simple business growth can be when you do simple things consistently


This is the exact strategy you can use to get people to sign up for your packages and programs easily

No more slimy selling, just get the masterclass to sell you and the free consultation. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the power of a great masterclass, live or automated, as a tool for increasing your sales conversions. Most business owners do not use this strategy because they cannot figure out how to make it relevant to their industry - I explain it all in this module. this module alone could be sold for $997 but I do want to see you achieve your 6 figures goals within a year so I have made it a part of this program

During this module, you will...

  • Learn how to come up with ideas for your masterclasses
  • Discover the best way to promote your masterclass so that you get the maximum number of people on the masterclass
  • Discover how to put the presentation together so that you keep people listening all the way through
  • Learn the key parts that must be in there to make sure your perfect clients warm up to you and take the next step with you
  • Discover how to create a powerful brand that sets you apart in the marketplace
  • Learn how to develop your unique voice and messaging to connect with your target audience
  • Get tips for creating a visual identity and brand that resonates with your ideal clients.



Coaching is one of the most essential skills to have as a spiritual business owner.  Being able to support your clients to rapidly reach their goals and clear their blocks and resistances will make you a highly sought after service provider.  It will propel your business forward and fill you with a deep sense of fulfilment as you daily support others in becoming all that they are created and born to be.  You will approach your business with so much more confidence when you KNOW you can support others with this life-changing skill.

You will also learn how to turn your wisdom, your unique process or skill set into a digital course that has the capability of making you 6 figures or more.

By the end of this bonus module, you will...

  • Know how to set up a coaching session to get maximum results for your client
  • Understand the simple things you need to do to hold space for client transformation
  • Have a resource of coaching questions that bring out the best in your clients
  • Feel confident that you are capable of supporting a client in becoming their best selves
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Learn how to help clients identify and release their limiting beliefs
  • Feel self-assured that you have what it takes to be a great coach and mentor


This Is A 4 Part BONUS Course & Here's what you get when you take part in it  

  • How to get to 6 figures with online products
  • How to launch quickly and easily so that things sell
  • The best ways to build an audience fast using free methods and paid methods
  • How to decide on what product to create
  • How to pick ideas that will sell
  • How to grow an audience that will love you and whatever you create
  • How to make money from your product very very quickly
  • Do you have to use video to launch things?
  • Do you need an email list?
  • How to decide on pricing
  • How to test ideas to see if they will work
  • How to spend your advertising dollars to get the best return
  • How to make a difference to a lot more people using the power of a great digital course
  • How to create multiple streams of income & a freedom lifestyle using online courses
  • How to create a freedom lifestyle using online courses
  • How to use social media to impact more of the world with your message and your solutions
  • The 90 minute daily promotion plan for courses that change lives
  • How to create true and lasting wealth from your own online courses
  • Wake up to payments coming through even though you are asleep
  • KNOW that you are making a dent on the planet even when you are not present in person
  • Expose more people to what you can do by creating digital product empire  


Learn a simple system that works like clockwork to convert prospects into paying clients.  Discover the easy-to-follow sequence of questions that will support your people in trusting you as they feel heard, seen and supported, even in the Discovery session.  Take away any and all feelings of sleaziness as you come alongside your person and truly understand how you can serve them, if you can serve them and how to gently offer your support to them.

By the end of this bonus module, you will know...

  • How to stop offering band-aid solutions in the session that makes clients feel that they no longer need you by the end...
  • Exactly what questions to ask that will get your prospect to open up to you...
  • Exactly what questions to ask that will get your prospects in touch with their pain...
  • Exactly what questions will get your prospect in touch with what they want and start to believe they can get, even while just on the phone with you...
  • How to handle the various most common objections that your prospects may come up with...
  • How to position the pricing details so as not to scare off the prospect
  • How to get someone to put their payment down there and then, rather than waiting for a later, unspecified time
  • How to get people EXCITED about working with you, even before you make your offer!
  • How to transition into asking for the investment without losing rapport with your prospect...
  • How to feel confident about your offer and your ability to deliver it!
  • How to help people come up with the money to work with you


This bonus module will tell you EXACTLY what to do to sign up your first client. Yes, it is already covered in the main work but this summarizes it into a quick, easy to follow plan that enables you to hit the ground running

Expect to...

  • Learn how to find the people who need your help
  • Understand how to tell others what makes working with you special and helpful so that your first paying client comes easily
  • Find out simple, straightforward ways to let people know about you
  • Create a compelling message that people will want to listen to as you discover simple, cost-effective ways to brand yourself
  • Build a good relationship with people who might become your clients
  • Get better at asking people to pay for your help
  • Use a plan that has already worked for others
  • Make a step-by-step personalised plan to get that first well-paying client
  • Get help and encouragement along the way to reach your goal of getting your first client


How Exactly Do You Scale To Regular $5K Months - What do you need to do each day to very quickly arrive at $5K Months. What mindset do you need? What strategies? This and more will be covered in this very practical and 'to-the-point' module.

Expect to...

  • Fully understand how to make money doing what you love as a coach, healer, course-creator
  • Get support to create your own personalised $5K plan so that you know exactly what you need to be doing daily to achieve it
  • Learn how to test and tweak your offer so that it is truly compelling to those you feel called to serve. It becomes a no-brainer decision for your person.
  • Grow your mailing list consistently so that you always have a pool of people who want to work with you
  • Understand the mindset and behaviours of a business owner that consistently generates $5K so that you can emulate this in your own life.


How Exactly Do You Scale To The Holy Grail Of The $10K?

Do you need to work crazy hard or is it about working crazy smart?

Come away from this module completely clear on what it takes

Learn how to automate the most important parts of your business so that your income is not subject to the ups and downs of your emotions.


In this training...

✅ You will receive a video going into depth in each part of the sales page template - I will explain why each part of the template is important so that you understand the mindset behind successful sales pages

✅ You will see how I get my sales pages on the internet really quickly: It is simple stuff that anyone can do, as long as you can copy and paste then this will be a cinch for you

✅ Discover how I made it even easier and quicker to get my products out into the marketplace, serving people, creating wealth rapidly: I will show you the cost-effective service I use, to prevent having to know any tech stuff. I am a messenger, teacher and coach, not a technical guru. I keep things simple and I will show you how to do that too.

✅ Discover The Real Secret To Making Lots Of Sales That will simplify your life when you truly take it on board. This knowledge made a world of difference to my online business growth.

✅ As a bonus, I will also include the step-by-step checklist I follow for each new product I create to get it out there fast. This goes beyond the sales page to the order in which I get it all set up so that it is automated and income can flow to me easily while I actively direct people to the page.

4. Daily Access To & Support From Rosemary & The Community

This is a critical part of THE DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES (currently on whatsapp). It is also the part that you may be most tempted to hide from as you have been hurt by people and may now want to avoid people. You may also feel some shame around your current results and want to hide yourself from other people.

And yet, we are created to do life with others.

We grow spiritually and personally around other people

The problem has been that you were choosing the wrong people, possibly because you thought you had no choice.

Well that changes now.

Come into the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE GROUP (Currently on Whatsapp)

This is a place for connection, conversation, support, spiritual and personal growth, leadership growth and more

This is a place where you can be real

This is a place where you can be seen and where you can heal.

We are all immersed in a society that is all about fear - It promotes a need to protect ourselves from each other and in doing so, we learn to put on a facade in order to come across in a specific way. This facade takes a lot of energy to maintain and it ends up draining self-confidence & self-worth because you are permanently telling yourself that the real you is not good enough for the world and so you need to have this facade to hide behind.

Coming into the group will demolish that idea.

As you allow yourself to be truly yourself with me & in the group, you will release the need to hide.

You will rediscover the beauty and awesomeness of your inner being.

You will feel loved and cared for.

You will start uncovering the layers that have kept you from the life you desire

You will regain the confidence to prosper in all areas of your life.

You will regain the confidence to make the difference in the world that you are here to make.

All I ask is that you come into the group with a willingness to be your REAL, TRUE DESIGN self.

No lurking.

No putting on facades.

We are all in this together.

This is the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE REVOLUTION and you are welcome to join in.

5. The Daily SPIRITSPEAKS Divine Download

At the heart of all that we the Deliberate Millionaires do is a deep connection to the Divine (or whatever name you use to address your higher power). Each day (Monday to Friday), I connect to the Divine and ask what the community needs to hear and I send that to you. It will empower and uplift you or maybe, it will challenge some of your ways of looking at the world. In each Divine Download email, you are also reminded of the Deliberate Millionaire DAILY RITUAL which enable you to start the day POWERFULLY and you also receive the Daily Affirmation of Wealth & Prosperity.

6. Full Access To The Abundance Library

  • Full Access To The Abundance Library ($2997) - Over 100 business, personal and spiritual growth programs to immerse yourself in. This begins as soon as you purchase your spot. (SEE BREAKDOWN BY CLICKING HERE)


  • Bonus Workshop Recording - BRING YOUR DIVINELY INSPIRED ONLINE BUSINESS TO LIFE IN 1 DAY ($497) - The Business basics workshop that teaches you the mindset and strategy of a highly-profitable and fulfilling business.

  • Bonus Workshop Recording of FAITH ($397) - Use The Strategy In This Workshop To Manifest A Money Miracle Within 14 Days

  • Bonus Workshop Recording of CLARITY ($397) - Use The Strategy In This Workshop To Get Crystal Clear Clarity About Your Life's Purpose & To Heal Any Areas Of Your Inner World That Hold You Back


This is a powerful, high-vibe, hour-long weekly event (over Meetn & Facebook Live) where you will open up to ever-increasing prosperity in all areas of your life.

Expect to get into Theta (a more relaxed) brainwave state with live music and affirmations within the first 10 minutes of the Experience and expect to connect more deeply to The Divine. Your money blocks will be cleared because you are in a more receptive state for new, empowering beliefs. The music will raise your energy and normal emotional set-point, the affirmative words will speak new life into you and you will become a clearer channel for Divine love and for prosperity in every area of life.

The answer to every prayer is YES but if you have been blocked within yourself for some time, you can be sure that your answers have not been getting through. This Opulence Experience is designed to clear the way within you to receive your answers. The Divine withholds nothing and now as you attend these weekly events, you can expect to start seeing more of the things you have been asking for manifesting in your world. No more will you just work harder and harder to get nowhere, your efforts will suddenly start to be more productive.

Each Opulence Experience compounds so that the more of these you attend LIVE, the freer, the clearer, the lighter you become.

DO NOT MISS THIS! Building a highly-successful business AND life ALWAYS goes beyond just taking lots of physical action. You must handle the inner parts of your subconscious mind that will sabotage your results. The Opulence Experience is EXACTLY what you need to be set free to thrive and prosper, not just in business but also in EVERY SINGLE area of life.

Each Opulence Experience will also include a short training time - Focused on whatever Deliberate Millionaires need & ALSO a hot-seat coaching session for paid members of my community on Meetn - You will get your questions answered live. I will also support you in identifying any false limitations or beliefs so that you can blast past them to 6 figure (or more) success.


GET CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY on your business vision, your niche, your target audience, your message, your marketing strategy, your sales strategy.  No more uncertainty about how to grow your business. Become super clear on EXACTLY what to do to bring the whole vision to life.

GET PERSONALISED STRATEGY & DIRECTION - In our weekly mastermind calls, get support to clarify your specific actions for the coming week so that there is no room for procrastination as you wonder what exact step to take.  You will KNOW.  And because you are in the whatsapp group with me, if you need any clarity on what to do, you can come into the group and get my personal support.


✅ BUILD EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE, MENTAL TOUGHNESS - No longer will fear and doubt hold the reins in your life.  Come be part of a community that is very deliberately moving forward and choosing to be leaders in their field.  You will no longer be easily swayed away from your true design path.  You will be focused on the growth of your vision and undeterred by anyone's opinion.


✅ BUILD WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS & TRANSFORM YOUR MONEY STORY - You will stop undercharging for your services.  You will allow your business to make money as you stop allowing the mass-mind-programming we were all subject to, to control your choices.  You will fully appreciate the fact that it is okay to be spiritual, deep ly connected to the Divine AND wealthy.  You will fully own the reality that financial abundance is your divine right.  You will stop allowing false guilt to control your pricing, you will boldly own your value and worth in the marketplace and you will also learn how to articulate it clearly to your prospective clients, helping them to make the decision to work with you.


✅ BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE TO YOUR VISION - Get the support and accountability you need to stay on track.  No more giving into self-doubt.  No more giving up on yourself. No more playing small. Expect to play the game of business and life as you are meant to play.  You are meant for more and it is time now to fully rise to the challenge and claim it all for yourself, your family and generations to come


✅ GET PAID WELL FOR YOUR COACHING, HEALING, TRAINING SERVICES as you design programs, packages, intensives, membership programs that are priced well, that feel good to deliver, that sell easily and that change lives. You will master the ability to earn money from your wisdom and your skill. No more will you rely on anyone else to tell you what you are worth. YOU will set the tone for your finances and you will dominate the area of money, rather than continually being a slave to it.


✅ WORK LESS & MAKE MORE as you create or refine your business model & easily set up automated systems that generate consistent clients and cash.  You have already tried the working harder thing and it could only get you so far. Yes, there are things to be done but you will learn that after the initial set up, it gets simpler and more focused on just money generating activities.


✅ WAKE UP ENTHUSIASTIC & ENERGIZED EVERY DAY as you get to work with clients you love, make the difference you are meant to make, have time to deepen your connection to the Divine and live a free, fulfilled, financially-abundant and love-drenched & deeply peaceful, happy life.


✅ BECOME A MASTER AT CREATING RAPID CLIENT TRANSFORMATIONS as you develop the #1 skill every leader needs, no matter what industry you are in - The confident ability to coach others to reach their full potential


✅ BECOME A MASTER AT DIGITAL COURSE CREATION & the art of filling group programs or one-to-one programs.  Discover how to clearly map out your knowledge and wisdom into modules of a digital course that transforms the lives of your clients.


Are you ready to take the shortcut to a 6 figure spiritual business aligned to your life's purpose?


Hello! I am Anna Florio the Psychic, The Healer, The Mystical Transformational Coach! This is the best program I have signed up to!  

The amount of support that Rosemary has given me is literally like having private VIP coaching!

She has been amazing at giving me very practical tips that have been bringing in clients as well as a lot of visibility for me and my business!

For example I have had people, who I have been networking with for years, coming up to me to comment about the FB lives or the mini videos I have been publishing (following Rosemary's suggestions) so we started new conversations which probably will convert them in paying clients!

It has never happened before!  

Rosemary has given me tips on how to structure my FB page so that new clients can find me easily, she has been giving me ideas about how to sell my programs without being pushy and she has taught me so many other things which I still need to implement, so the potential for improving my business is virtually endless!  

Also, as I am a spiritual person who works with energies, I have found Rosemary very knowleadgeable and brilliant at looking beyond the basic reasons why something wasn't working for me!

She is always happy and enthusiastic and ready to support me in my journey and makes the workload so much lighter!  

Rosemary has been giving me loads of food for thoughts and has expanded my vision on how I can support many more clients without making it feel overwhelming!  

The pace of the program allows me to have time to implement what I have learnt from her and the weekly recordings have given me the chance to note even more tips and practical ways to improve the way I serve my clients.  

I would strongly recommend you to sign up for the program: in my case it has made me look at my life and business and create the changes to align them with my life purpose and my big "Why"!

Why do I do what I do? How can I make my business more viable and how can I streamline it so that it can work flawlessly? What are my blockages and how can I release them?

For every person there are different areas to look at and different answers: go and find out what yours are! You will love it!!!

Rosemary has been a God send! For some time I had been attempting to set up a business and had so many things going on in my life. My husband worked abroad and I was at home with 3 young children. I had to take some time off work to be able to look after them. It was not possible to return on a full time basis due to the demands of the job therefore I decided to work from home. However, there were so many distractions. Pretty soon I felt overwhelmed by what I was trying to do and with life as a whole. I knew that I needed help and found Rosemary.  

The great thing about Rosemary is that she tells you how it really is. She gives you that jolt of reality to kick you into action. She made me see that I needed to set definite goals to achieve what I wanted and that there was no more room for looking back at the past and making excuses. I used to worry about really silly things and realized that I needed to move on if I wanted to do something worthwhile and meaningful with my life. Rosemary left me feeling empowered and more confident to face things head on.  

If you want to lead a fulfilled life and successful business, I strongly recommend that you speak with Rosemary.”  

Melanie, Mel’s Little Luxuries


It is for spiritual entrepreneurial people who know they are meant for more.

Right now, you feel trapped in an unfulfilling job/LIFE or an unfulfilling or unprofitable business...

And you want to transition from that to a 6 Figure coaching / healing / course-creator business where you use your current skills, spiritual wisdom and self-help knowledge to coach, heal, teach, counsel, advise, guide paying clients NOW

You are done with it not working

You are done with procrastinating

You are done with trying to figure it all out alone - Your best thinking got you here and you recognise you need personal support.

You are ready to invest TIME, MONEY & ENERGY to make your business vision a success.

This 6 Week Group Mastermind Program will guide you step-by-step through the entire process of creating a purpose-aligned business that attracts the right clients for you and generates 6 figures with ease, simplicity and speed.

You and I will also work closely together to ensure you do not get sidetracked by any of the mental noise, nonsense and drama that can take you off course.


I pride myself on having a high touch, personalised support element in all that I do and I am here to support you in making the right decision in choosing your coach... whatever that decision is

During this 25 Minute Consultation, we will work together to...

- Get crystal clear clarity on your ultimate business vision & your income goals

- Discover the hidden challenges that keep you procrastinating, second-guessing and holding back from creating the income you want.

You will leave this session...

🔴 Feeling clear on how to make your transition to creating a 6 figure income helping people...

🔴 Feeling empowered and inspired to finally have the meaning, purpose & money freedom you desire

🔴 Knowing exactly how the Accelerator & I can support you to bring your vision to life more easily and swiftly than you can alone (if we are a fit to work together. There is no obligation for us to work together )

The consultation is $15 and this is refunded if we choose to work together.



Or are you just going to go back to living a restricted, unfulfilled life as you wait and wait for the Divine to send another sign?

Are you going to keep waking up with the pit in your stomach or lump in your chest as you face another dreary day, doing the same old, same old stuff that makes you feel dead inside?

Time is ticking away. It is the only resource that you cannot replace. WAKE UP and stop wasting away in the wrong life for you.

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Right now, DECIDE to create the money freedom and time freedom you deeply desire

Right now, DECIDE to be the one who creates the 'MORE' you know that you are meant for.

Right now, DECIDE to make the difference you are meant to make on this planet

Right now, DECIDE to be the light in this world that you feel called to be.

The only difference between you and me is that I DECIDED, I went all the way in and I did simple things consistently.

That is what I will show you

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(no matter how good it looks to people around you!)

You are meant for much more than this.

You are meant to thrive and prosper in your true design life


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Can't I Just Do It On My Own?

You are a strong powerful person, for sure. You have created a great many things in your life but you do not know everything and even though what I teach in this program is straightforward and simple, it is hardly ever the practical strategies that stop people from winning.

If you are not, right now, creating consistent $10K months in your own purpose-aligned business, I strongly urge you to get 6 weeks of support to turn that situation around. You do not know what you do not know and unfortunately, it is what you THINK YOU KNOW that is keeping you from your destiny. Do not let your pride keep you from the life you are meant to live. You need an objective viewpoint in your life. You need someone who has done what you desire to do to show you the pitfalls and support you in letting go of old ways of thinking and behaving that keep you trapped in the rat race.

I am still at work but want to start my business. Is this right for me?

Yes. Be grateful that you will not need to make expensive mistakes. Start up the right way and set yourself up for rapid success. It will not take all of your time to get set up and like I did, you will be able to increase your income in business and gradually take yourself out of work, if that is what you desire. You will walk away from this coaching program with the clarity and confidence you need to accelerate the 6 figure success of your business.

I am an experienced coach, healer, therapist etc... Will this help me?

If you are not yet making the income or having the impact you would like to have, then yes. You will discover mindset strategies as well as very practical strategies for increasing wealth and impact. These are probably pieces of the 6 figure success mix that you are currently missing. So many coaches, healers etc are trapped in this low-earning, hard striving cycle - Surely it is time for you to break free from that and choose instead to gain the time and money freedom as well as the impact and influence you are deeply desire and very definitely, deserve.

I have done other courses, why is this one any different?

I created the 6 Figure Spiritual Business Accelerator program to support you in getting the knowledge and the confidence you need to generate a 6 figure income from your business quickly and easily.

Too many spiritual people are caught up in copying the businesses of seasoned spiritual entrepreneurs who have a lot of money to play with. The experienced ones have done the basics and built their business up to the level where they can try different things but if you, the beginning business owner, try to start where they are NOW, you will very quickly find that it does not work for you. That leads to frustration, burnout and quitting while telling yourself you are not cut out to do it. Yes, you are but you are following the wrong shiny object!

✅ This program will get you to a place of having a consistent income coming in so that you can then scale to multiple 6 figures or 7 figures.

✅ This program is designed to get money in your hands FAST so that you can serve even more of the people you are called to serve.

✅ This program will get you in front of the clients you are best placed to serve and teach you how to enrol them in your programs and services.

Ultimately, if you are not growing your income steadily in your own spiritual business despite doing some home study program that is 'guaranteed' to work then you need to come work with me live in the 6 Week ACCELERATOR. I understand the early stages of business like most others do not. I was not an overnight success, despite working my butt off. I did the struggle route by following the wrong 'guru' strategies. I did the 'take 6 years to do something that could be done in 6 months' craziness. I KNOW the mistakes you are making as you try to do what you see your gurus doing. I also know the flawed mindset that keeps you trapped following the wrong strategies for you.

If you are done with the struggle path and you are willing to show up for your vision in the 6 weeks we work together, your business will grow. As the Divine kept telling me, Business growth is supposed to be easy, simple and swift.

Are you done with the struggle yet?

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6 Figure Accelerator Mastermind coaching


My brand new 6 FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS ACCELERATOR mastermind coaching program is for the action oriented career professional or business owner who feels called to coach, heal, teach, advise, counsel, guide, empower. Work with me for 6 weeks to transition out of an unfulfilling job/business/LIFE into a highly-profitable & fulfilling business that's aligned with your life's purpose, that attracts the people you are called to serve and creates a consistent, dependable and ever-increasing stream of income with ease, simplicity and speed