For as long as I can remember, I have known I was born for something more…

I had known that I was supposed to have an amazing life

But it did not always feel like it

I obeyed all the rules or so I thought…

Checked all the boxes…

Got myself an education against what seemed to be overwhelming odds at times…

Got myself connected to the Divine as well, just to be sure

Worked hard

Prayed hard

And yet…

Where were all the things that I was promised?

OK, so life was kinda ok but I felt like there should be more

And then life started getting worse fast



General YUK!

I started to lose hope

And wonder if I was to settle for a mundane existence

Finally, the Divine truly got my attention

And slowly but surely, I started to take responsibility for the deliberate design of my life

I got on the Deliberate Life Path

And here are 5 seemingly irrelevant things that changed the game for me, in no particular order…


For ages, I had had a dream of what I wanted to do and it involved writing, singing, speaking, empowering and coaching BUT it seemed incredible, impossible, unrealistic.  And so, I decided that I could only do that in my spare time when I had it.  And I did do a little here and there, mostly at church while trying to jump through the hoops that religious organisations tend to come with but I knew there was more for me.

Until I finally decided to allow myself to do the thing that I dreamt of doing, I was not able to receive prosperity.

How could I?  I was not doing the thing and the Divine is not going to force my hand.

You can tell yourself forever that the thing you want to do is unrealistic and choose not to do it and so, of course, it will always seem unrealistic to you because YOU NEVER DID IT!  And how can prosperity and abundance come to you through a channel you refuse to open?  Do you see how you shoot yourself in the foot?!

No, I did not quit being a pharmacist at the start…

I gradually built up to that.

BUT I OPENED THE CHANNEL TO A PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE by daring to do the thing I dreamt of doing and little by little, I was able to transition to a place where I only do things I love to do.  Hence, the living purposefully and having fun!


Now one great thing about being religious was that I was told repeatedly that things work out for my good, that God was on my side and that I could do all things.  And as a spiritual person, you have probably heard the same things.

However, I was not always able to translate this to my everyday life.  It almost felt separate.

There was the ‘real’ world where I had to do fight and scratch and scrape to get by

There was the ‘woo-woo’ world I visited on Sunday and in my quiet times each day where I kinda KNEW that there was a different way to live life.

Things changed when I truly chose to surrender to the Divine within me and begin to really trust that ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE were working out for my good and this was an active discipline that I had to build up to.  Most spiritual people are waiting for something to happen before they trust.  But they forget it works the other way – YOU CHOOSE TO TRUST and then you see.

One reason why… YOU are more powerful than you think.  Whether you realise it or not, you are created in the image and likeness of the Divine and you have incredibly powerful creative ability and so you ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU EXPECT.  ALWAYS!  And so, if unfortunately you were brought up to believe that things do not always work out for you, that is precisely what you get.  You believed it and then you saw it.

The principle works whichever way you use it.



I already mentioned this a little in the last point but I need to emphasize it because if, for whatever reason, you feel unworthy of your good, then you will not be able to receive it.  So you need to heal those dark places inside of you.

And the other thing is this – Most people are looking out there for solutions to their problems.  They do not trust themselves to be the magic and the miracle they are looking for.


People like me can give you principles to help you tap into the greatness within you and I do that with things like the free and simple 7 DAY MIRACLE EXPERIMENT  as well as many other things but if ultimately, you do not fully engage with your intuitive power then nothing will ever work for you.  YOU ARE THE MAGIC AND THE MIRACLE and until you fully trust and love yourself, you will keep looking for some other magic ‘out there’ and there is none!

You end up working yourself into the ground and then still not being prosperous in all areas.  YOu might get a few right but there will be this feeling that there is more.  Maybe you will be happy with that, I was not.

So I learnt to completely love and accept and trust myself.


Ain’t nothing good coming to someone who only sees bad.

Man, ALL THE GOOD IN THE WORLD could come whack you upside the head and because of your tendency to see only bad, it will not get through.  Most people are waiting, waiting, waiting for some huge 2 million dollar check to arrive before they find things to be grateful for.

Unfortunately those people will be waiting a while.

If you have come from a background where you expect the bad, you are going to have to train yourself to be joyful and grateful for every little thing so that you open up to bigger things to be grateful and joyful for.  It may seem unfair to you that the miracles do not come first – You may say things like when I am rich or in that awesome relationship THEN I will be grateful but it does not work that way.  You start today with the penny you found on the street or the smile from that potential partner across the street or something.  You start to find the good in the little things now and expect more and more good to come to you.  You start now to be joyful and then you attract more things to be joyful about.

Again, you are more powerful than you realise. #SorryButNotSorry

  • 5) RELEASE

There are many,many areas in this section to talk about but let me summarise with 2 main ones…

a) If you are carrying lots of resentments, you can be sure that it will be tough to attract any good – there is simply no space for it.


b) Your good can come any old how it wants to…

Release your ideas of HOW it must come.

WHEN it must come.

THROUGH WHO it must come.

release all of that and simply be open to it coming from wherever and whenever

You get busy doing the above, feeling the above, KNOWING the above

And release the need to control everything.

Be responsible for deliberately designing your life but also surrender to the Divine

So know what you desire and do what you know to do

And listen to those nudges within you

BUT DO NOT BE SO ATTACHED that there is a desperate energy around it

Man, this last one was, and sometimes still can be, a tough one.

But we can do it.


Anyhoos, the princesses are waiting on me to take them to Legoland so had better go now.

Tell me what you think of these in the comments below

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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