You are Called

And you are loved

And you are worthy of every good thing

AND yes, honey, you deserve the best of everything

Life in all its fullness until it overflows, is yours

You simply need to step into it

You are a divine being

With power so great that no one can quantify it

You have access to unlimited wisdom

You are more than powerful enough to create the life you desire

You can deliberately design it and bring it all to life

You simply need to step into it

You may have forgotten what you are capable of in all the hustle and bustle of life

You may have begun to feel a little victimised by the circumstances that surround

But none of that defines you

You can step right back into being your most powerful self because it is who you are

It is your true identity

And you know it because you feel the resonance in your heart as you read these words.


Forget the past

Draw a line under it

Right now, reclaim your true nature

Take back your personal power

Define what you desire in life


Connect to Source and call it in

And then ask for intuitive guidance

Trust what you hear

and ACT on it.

That is how you simply step into it

The path is not hidden from you

Your next step is clear

Lay down the fear that clouds your judgement

And ACT!

The step after that will appear as you keep walking in faith

Yes, this is a faith walk

All part of the adventure of this life we signed up for

All to develop your trust so that you can go way beyond what you imagine, ask or think

Because you are capable of so much more than you can fully contemplate right now

So, thank the Divine, that we simply need to get into action towards what we know we want and Source will take us well beyond that to the ‘more than enough’ level.

And then you can show others the way too, just as you are called to do…

Simply Step into this adventure.

It is time.


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Much Amazing Love

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