Abundance is one of the tenets of the deliberate life.  I believe it is your divine heritage to experience a life of abundance in all areas, including your finances.  I believe we need this.  We need this to be able to live to the fullness of our potential.

However, it is about more than just the physical appearance of everything you desire because there are many people on this planet with lots of stuff but they still feel as though they live in a hostile world.  And when you think that, it matters not how much you have, you will still be caught up in lack and creating lack all around you.

How do you start from where you are, right now, to think and live abundance?

Because everything starts on the inside – EVERYTHING!


Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.  This as something that saved me in my teenage years as well as in my twenties.  I am not going to pretend to be perfect at it.  If I do not check myself, I end up focused on the nonsense that I do not want, rather than the great stuff I love. And so, I check myself frequently.

I simply recite things I am grateful for.  I go out of my way to look for things to be grateful for, I think of the teeniest, tiniest thing to be grateful for.  I refuse to stop thinking about what to be grateful for.  As I said, it saved me in earlier years because I used to wake up feeling YUK and kinda depressed because life was not on the right track for me but even then thinking of things to be grateful for, would lift my spirits.


As mentioned, I was not on the right path for me and so I felt low-level depressed all the time unless in the moments when I was practising gratitude.  I started to figure out what my path was.  I had visions and dreams and I finally found the courage to daily start doing something to get me to MY PATH.

This is not about a moral right or wrong path.  It is simply about knowing that my life is on a path that feels aligned with my vision and values.  I call this the deliberate life path and you can discover it for yourself by popping over to RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/bookgift to get a free copy of my book and its audio version PRAY. AFFIRM. RECEIVE – How to get clear, stay clear and take action to get what you want out of life.

I don’t believe you can truly adopt that abundance mindset if you are following someone else’s path for you.


Figuring out the path for you is made easier when you are in connection with your maker.  I don’t care what your belief system is, surely you know that something beyond you put you together.  Get in touch with that something because the manual for your life is probably found there. It is hard to maintain an abundance mindset if you wake up each morning thinking,

“there must be more to me than this”

but then you keep trying to ignore that and just make do.

Honey, get in touch with your intuition/Source within.  Cultivate an intimate relationship with that something that was here way before you were conscious.  Ask for daily divine guidance and dare to follow through – Chapter 2 of this book covers how to connect.


If you are surrounded all the time by things that make you feel broke, even underwear then it is tough to feel abundant.  You do not have to spend millions but stop allowing yourself to keep putting off simple, needed purchases because you tell yourself that ‘one day when…’ you will get it.  Start today to get excited about putting a little money aside for a few little things that will make you feel abundant and at the same time, make sure you set your intention that these things will come to you and have an expectation of miracles while doing your bit.

Actively chuck out anything that really does lower your vibe.


Maybe you made some mistakes around your money and now you feel you should punish yourself by refusing to allow yourself to spend any money on you.  Maybe, you are even being chased by creditors at the moment and you really do think you should delay all purchases but honey, how can you step into an abundance mindset when you are stifling yourself and PUNISHING YOURSELF and continually, subconsciously telling yourself that you do not deserve to prosper?

I have done this.

And no, I am not saying go crazy and spend like an idiot but I am saying, stop punishing yourself and allow yourself a few treats here and there to lift the tension of thinking you are bad and need to be punished.  There is no abundance in that underlying thought.


Who is allowed to speak into your life?  Be wise about this.  We have lived all our lives in a world where we are conditioned to think like everyone else and the thing is, the abundance mindset is not a usual way to think for most people.  You need to choose to be surrounded by those who think at a higher level so that some of their thinking starts to rub off on you.

Pay for this privilege if you have to.  You have to start to see what is possible beyond the small circle you find yourself surrounded by.  It is because I have worked with a range of coaches and in mastermind groups that I am able to stay on course even in the hard times.  I now know that there are more options that I had previously even dreamt of and so I realise that we humans are capable of so much more, simply because I exposed myself to people who were living with so much more.

It is hard to believe in an abundant life that you have never seen anyone living.  Expose yourself to bigger ideas.


If things have felt tough for a while, there can be a victim mentality that starts to grab a hold of you.  You can start to think that things are happening to you, instead of you being the co-creator of a great life.  That does not lend itself to the abundance mindset, does it.  And we always get what we expect to get so if you expect that you have no choice but to live small, be small and be thankful for any little crumb that someone else throws your way, then that is what you get.

And usually, you resent life and everyone that you think is taking away your freedom.

Realise that you are a powerful creator, you are born that way and when you partner with the Universe, you become even more powerful.

And realise that you always have a choice about your life.  You may not always like the choices but go through your day, asking for divine guidance and ACT ON IT, ever keeping your vision in front of your eyes.


Leading on from the last one, if you live in a hostile world then you do attract lack and hardship to you because you have set your brain up to look for it.  Life is not out to get you, honey!

Choose to believe this simple statement “EVERYTHING IS WORKING OUT FOR MY GOOD”

Yes, I know that if you are in dire straits right now, then it can feel like nothing is working out for your good.   But the thing about the faith walk which we are on, is that you will create whatever you decide to create.

You are a powerful creator whether you acknowledge that you are one or not.

And so if you believe everything and everyone is out to get you then you will experience it and be able to tell me without any doubt – LOOK, Rosemary, nothing is working out for me.


You could decide to believe that even the bad stuff is a path to the great stuff that is absolutely yours.  YOUR CHOICE.

One keeps you trapped in a victim stance, defending, reacting, stuck

The other keeps you powerful, creating, expanding, dynamic, abundant

Which do you want?


I know this might seem kinda kooky but honey, try smiling BROADLY and feeling YUK.  It does not work, does it?  One has to give – The broad, huge, grin or the yukky feeling?

You get to choose which one will shift.

This is the thing, you need to use every little tactic to keep your energy high because you attract whatever you send out and if you are constantly sending out desperation and fear and lack then you get more of the same.  I know that sounds kinda woo but sorry, woo works.

From a practical perspective, if you plaster than huge grin on your face and feel the accompanying feelings of happiness and joy, then you are more likely to be creative and if you actually action those creative ideas, you will create more of a physical abundance and also feel a lot more abundant as you realise just how full of ideas you can be when you feel ‘up’.


Write out your vision daily and keep it top of mind.  Let it influence all your decisions.  Get excited by the thought of already being there.  Write it out and imagine it daily.  See yourself there with the vision completely created.

Use your journal also to notice resistance inside of you and to turn it all around.

Write out your life the way you want it and expect it to come to life.  I know, I know – You think it may not work – Well, what have you got to lose by trying anyway?  Just 10-20 minutes a day writing out your vision.  It may change the parts of it you write each day but as you tap into your intuition/Source, you will know which part of the vision to focus on each day and you write that out and you envision it being present in your life and then you get on with the day carrying your abundance mindset with you.


Now, I do not believe affirmations on their own are enough but they definitely give you some words and phrases to focus on each day and allow you to replace the current lack and scarcity record that is playing in your mind.  Simple repetition can bring about massive change – Ultimately, a lot of your current life was created by the words you keep hearing in your mind right now!  So switch the record.

And then you partner your affirmations with intuitive action and honey, whatever you wish for will manifest in the physical.

It just will.

And by the way, if you are a determined spiritual person, then get a free copy of my book – PRAY. AFFIRM. RECEIVE – how to get clear, stay clear and take action to get what you want out of life – RosemaryNonnyknight.com/bookgift

Your vision really is your permission – It is time to bring it to life – RosemaryNonnyknight.com/bookgift

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