Honey, you live life as though you have no choice but to do the things that you do.

You look on everyone else having what looks like a good time and somehow you tell yourself that it is your lot in life to suffer and do whatever others don’t want to do because you are ‘responsible’!


You act like a victim of circumstances.

But you are a creator.

Someone made in the image of God.

Someone with incredible power under the hood.


And yet, you don’t see it.

Yes, I understand how you got this way.

People had expectations of you.

Your parents trained you to look after everyone else’s needs.

They told you that you were strong and you therefore had to lay down your own desires to take care of everyone else’s.

And you got accolades for being that person that everyone looked up to.

And you thought that was the only way to win.

You told yourself to stop dreaming and to settle for the task of ‘helping’ and being available to others.

And you took on this role of saviour of the world.


And in fact, saw it as a bit of an imposition!

So then you added longsuffering to your list of qualities and you nobly carried on trying to save the world, lay down your own dreams, work hard for every single scrap of joy you could find.

And wait for the reward.

Because surely the reward would come!

One day, everyone would see that you had earned abundance and joy.


Sometime soon, you hope.

And you keep waiting, getting more and more disappointed with every passing day.

But still telling yourself that your reward is coming.

Telling yourself that you have to do this.

Like the older brother in the prodigal son tale, you allow resentment to fester within you as you wait for prosperity and abundance to come find you.

And it does not.

Everything remains a hard slog.

Everything remains tough.

You keep trying to push the door open to prosperity by denying who you really are. And at this point, you have even forgotten who you are.  You are now so used to being pliable to the needs of others, you don’t remember you.

You don’t remember what it is like to have fun, to enjoy life, to do things just because you want to do things, rather than always thinking about what is the most responsible thing to HAVE TO do.

You stopped listening into your natural intuition and kept following the external demands on you and now, who the heck are you?! Except this resentful person who feels maltreated by Spirit.

But honey, you CHOSE THIS!

Yes, you chose this existence.

You chose to play second to everyone else’s desires.

YOU CHOSE to lay down your own dreams.

And you CHOSE to think you had to earn what was yours by birth!

Abundance, strength, wisdom – ALL YOURS BY BIRTH!

You never had to earn them.

And honey, the reward you think you are waiting for, is already yours except you are acting like you don’t want it!

Because you are not just being you and stepping into it.

You are dampening all the intuitive ideas that flow into you because you say you don’t have time to follow such fanciful ideas and so you deliberately choose struggle and that is silly.


Lay down this heavy burden and step back into flow, intuition, Spirit and ABUNDANCE!

Abundance is yours by birth!

And you claim it by following those little inklings inside of you.

That is it!

You decide what you want and you follow the ideas inside of you and see it come to life.

You don’t have to please anyone.

Work long and hard being someone you don’t want to be.

Get resentful that no one sees how much you care and how hard you work.

Seriously, be done with it!

Become carefree.

Knowing that your every care is taken care of.

Abundance is yours by birth, not by forcing it or trying to earn it.

No, get to work doing work that makes you come alive, not work that kills your spirit.

I know it will be a big change on the way you have lived to date but sooooo worth it!

Come on, honey!

There is your real work to be done.

Work that you REALLY WANT TO DO!

Let’s do that instead, shall we?

THE 14 DAY MANIFESTATION EXPERIMENT is here to support you in remembering your divine creative power.

When you get back in touch with that, you will realise just how much more LIFE there is to live!

It is time to step into abundance.

Do this experiment for 14 days and you will go from harried, uncertain, resentful leader to abundance receiving leader who easily creates abundant wealth doing work you want to do!

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Much Amazing Love

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