You feel out of place with lack

But unfortunately, you also accept it as though you have no choice

You work hard and struggle to lighten the tension of lack

And you get to the point where you have just enough

And you tell yourself to settle for it

That ‘just enough’ should be enough for you

But the hunger inside says otherwise

And I speak of more than just money

It could be just enough love in your relationships

Just enough health in your body

Just enough happiness at work

You do not see that you are creating a life exactly like what you think you can get

You think it is the way it is and you simply need to settle for it

And you try not to think about what you might be missing out on because there is also a part of you that does not want to be greedy

Your conditioning tells you that it is greedy to want more than ‘just enough’

Your fear tells you that it will take a lot of work to create more than ‘just enough’

And frankly, you worked hard enough already to get to where you are, you really do not feel you have the energy for more

But still, you hunger for something

There is a part of you that feels out of place in your own life

And you wonder if you will ever truly be happy

But you are the determined type so you do various spiritual practices



Read the latest and greatest personal development books

And you try your hand at things

But there is no consistency

Maybe change started to come and you got scared that it was too much change all at once…

And so you backed away from your practices…

You feel like you do not have time to really go all the way in

After all, you have these responsibilities

And people need you

And you are doing your bit in your religious organisation

And part of you is scared that if you go too deeply into all these other things, you might be ostracised

But there is a hunger inside of you, like I said

A feeling that there must be more to life than THIS


Are you willing to explore it?

Are you willing to go all the way in?

Are you willing to have a real connection with the Divine?

Are you willing to ask for what you want and receive it?

Are you willing to clear any ideas that tell you that ‘just enough’ is actually enough?

Are you willing to take aligned, intuitive action (mental and physical) until you fully realise the power within you?

You are divine being

You know innately that you are created to live an unlimitedly abundant life and that is why you feel that hunger within you

You know, deep within, that you could experience total happiness, bliss and joy in a life of your own choosing


Are you willing?

Abundance is your natural state and you will never be fulfilled until you are living it

You can try to drown it out with various distractions, if you will

You can tell yourself ‘I tried before and it did not work for me’, if you will

Or you can simply surrender to your true design and begin the deliberate design of a life of freedom, fulfilment and abundance

A life that is DRENCHED in love

Are you willing?

I invite you to grab membership of the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY for 90 days as a starting point for the rediscovery of your true self

It is time, is it not?

Sit with the daily thoughts and a journal

Allow the Divine to minister to you as you contemplate your true design

Listen into the latest Deliberate Immersion trainings

Follow the intuitive nudges that inevitably bubble up within you as you immerse yourself in a new way of thinking

See your life expand

Much Amazing Love

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