Imagine the scene…

A street artist drawing, painting, scene after scene of people living life…

Normally these pictures are still-life – A depiction of life with no life in them but this time, as you walk round looking at these pictures, they seem to come alive.

Men, women in all walks of life going about their business in each of these pictures on the sidewalk.

And then as you admire these wonderfully realistic pictures, you notice that the street artist is looking intently at you and he comes over when you look up at him.  And he takes you by the hand and starts to tell you stories of the people in each of the pictures.

He points them out one by one and mentions each by name…

And as he starts to talk and lead you from picture to picture, you realise that there are innumerable pictures as far as the eye can see and each one of them has a story.

And that story seems to include you in some way.

Something you did, when you did not even realise you were doing anything had impacted every single one of these people in these pictures.  And not in a bad way…

You had been doing your best to follow the calling on your life and just by being your best self, you had impacted every single one of these people for good.

You recognised the stories of some of your customers and you smiled to see how your product, service, music, book, ministry had changed their life in some small way and in some cases, in a HUGE way.

And you also heard stories of people you had never even heard of who had somehow been impacted by you or by the people you had impacted.

Some people had never paid you a penny and had never even acknowledged you in any way and yet, because you had kept keeping on, you had changed their life in some way.

And the street artist just keeps talking and talking and telling you story upon story…

And your eyes well up with tears as you realise that all that time when you felt in the depths of despair that nothing you did seemed to be making any difference to anyone, it had actually been worth it.

You started to remember the happy times and the down-in-the-dumps times…

You started to remember the times when you had been tempted to quit and just give up because the fire had burnt so hot and you wondered if you had the strength to keep moving through it.

And as all these thoughts were going through your head, the street artist just keeps telling you story upon story of lives changed because you stayed on path.

And then…

You and He reached a section of pictures on this incredibly huge sidewalk where time seemed to stand still while you had this extraordinary experience.

And you noticed there was a different quality to the pictures you saw – They seemed more uncertain…

The people in them appearing and dissappearing and so you asked the question “Why are these pictures so different?”

And the street artist looks at you with compassion and says “These are waiting to see what choice you make next”

And in that moment, you recognise that you are the brink of a huge decision.

You had not realised just how huge the decision was until this moment because you had thought that it only affected you.  YOU had thought that no one cared what you did.  You had not fully appreciated the impact you were called to have until this very moment.

You had been feeling for a little while now that you had to step right out of your comfort zone and do something bigger than you had done to date and it had just seemed too big for little old you…

And now as you looked at all these paintings waiting to be made complete, you realised that the decision you were making had the potential to impact all these numerous people but yet, you still had a choice – free will and all that.

You could do what you had always done and you would still make a difference and a fortune doing a smaller work…

Or you could step right out into abundance.

It came with more trials and tribulations and you had already faced quite a lot of those to get here where you are.

And also, it came with a whole lot of wins in terms of people impacted, nations changed and wealth created for you and yours.

And you knew the choice was yours to make.

The street artist looked at you intently.  You could feel the love in his eyes as he looked at you and you could also feel the pain as though he knew the challenges you would face if you made the decision to allow those incomplete pictures to become complete.

And in that moment, you woke up.

The words on your lips – ‘Abundance is my birthright’

And you lie in bed, wondering, deciding, knowing that it really all mattered.

What choice do you make?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.

The world awaits your awakening.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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