It is one thing to claim that abundance is yours and it is a whole other thing to live it out.

Somehow you have to translate those words from an external saying to an internal experience.



Catch the words coming out of your mouth…

Catch the thoughts in your head…

How much of it is a complaint about your circumstances or something some other person did?  Pay attention.  Your words and thoughts are determining how abundant you feel and are.

There is something you need to know – Success is inevitable for you and right now, you are experiencing success.  Not in the way you wish but actually, you have called in your current level of success by the words you speak and the thoughts you think.  It is critical that you pay attention.

You may think it is all woo-woo nonsense but tell me, how is your way working for you?


Choose to replace those complaining words with something more life giving.  IF you have nothing great to say, choose not to say anything.  It is not your job in life to right every perceived wrong you see in another’s life!

Look for the good!

Look for opportunity!

Choose to take responsibility for being the most encouraging person in the room.  This will increase your experience of abundance and now that you are looking for opportunity everywhere, rather than only seeing things to gripe about, you will start creating a more expansive experience of life as long as you take responsibility for acting on what you see.


Trust your Higher Power to take care of you.  Stop looking to force prospects to buy from you.  Stop looking to your partner for provision.  No one person can take the pressure of needing to look after you.  Choose to live in trust that your supply will come.

Do not try to manipulate any person to give anything to you.

Do not look to your employer as your Source, if you happen to be in a job.

There is a cap on any income that will come from any one person but when you choose to trust your Higher Power for abundance, there is no cap there.

Pay attention again to where your thoughts take you through the day.  Are you hoping for some specific person or some specific even to result in your abundance?  STOP IT!

Set your goals and targets for sure and then listen to the intuitive nudges within and take action on those.  TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the action, of course!  This does not mean sit on your awesome arse doing nothing.  No, it is just an internal trust that things will work out for you as you choose to live in trust, regardless of external current circumstances.

Desperation causes abundance to feel far away.

Release that feeling often.

It is tough when you feel desperate but you have to choose to LIVE IN TRUST!


AS you choose to release all feelings of desperation, choose to replace them with new beliefs about abundance and money.  Write out simple statements like ‘I am rich’ repeatedly – Let the feeling of it start to seep into you.

To start with, your mind will come up with ‘NO, YOU ARE NOT!’ but don’t stop there.  Get specific about what you choose to create in terms of money results and also where you intend for the money to go.

Do not think that you have to give it all away in order to be worthy – That too is a belief that you need to work on.  It is okay for you to live in luxury, you know?  Affirm that!

‘I am someone who always gets what I decide to get’

‘I am always taken care of’

‘I live in a 7 bed mansion’

‘I always pay my bills before they are due’

‘I own a luxurious car’ – You can get more specific than that

‘I am always able to help financially whoever I feel called to support’

You think up simple statements that represent the life you choose to create and deliberately plaster these thoughts on your mind.  This is very simple work and yet, many do not do it because it seems too simplistic.  Again, how is your way working for you?


Find things daily to be grateful for.

And then also be grateful for things that are not yet present.

Make a list every single day to turn your mind towards the abundance that is already in your life and what you believe for.


Maybe you call it tithing, maybe you call it something else – Honey, release some of the money you have even when it feels you do not have enough.  It will scare you.  You will want to hold on and if you look the fear in the eye, you will see that it is a feeling that you do not have enough (lack).  And that feeling is always there, eating away at you and keeping you stuck in lack.

You have to be able to release what you have so that more can come in…

You have to get to the point where you trust that your supply is ACTUALLY your Higher Power and there is no better way to test your real true feelings about money than to give some away and see how you feel about it.  There are more in-depth things I can say about why you need to give some but for now, use it as a test of how much you truly believe that abundance is your birthright.

The other great results of releasing will become apparent as you do the actual work of opening your hand and letting money go, EVEN when you feel like you should hold on for dear life!


I was going to end on the last point but I know there is a tendency in spiritual peeps to think it is enough to wait for some spiritual magic bullet to come save the day.


Your hands put to the plough as you follow through on the nudges that arise within…

You daring to get the support you need, even when it feels like you cannot afford it…

You daring to pay for that advertising even when it feels like you cannot afford it…

You daring to ACT fast on those nudges, rather than thinking, thinking, thinking your way out of every good idea, telling yourself to be reasonable!


Honey, new results demand new ways of thinking and being and ACTING!

Choose to step into the new.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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