Sometimes, it feels like you are a child in a toy shop surrounded by toys but you are not allowed to touch them!

You can smell the new toy smell and you are so close to them but yet, it is like there is a film between you and the toys and you are not allowed to play or so someone said sometime ages ago and now you are too scared to try to push through the film…

But what if the film has been removed and you have simply given up trying to reach the toys because you got it in your head that you could not get them and that you were not worthy of them or that it would be bad of you to play with toys when you should be doing schoolwork or whatever, whatever, WHATEVER!

That is how it is with you and abundance – READ money!

You find it easier to think in generic terms like abundance – It all sounds more spiritual and holy and also unreachable…

Whereas MONEY makes you feel dirty for wanting it and so you repel it without even trying too hard…

Money is flowing all around you and yet, you act as though you are somehow above it because you are oh so spiritual!

And while you are being all spiritual and focused on purpose (or so you say!), money is flowing to people you think should not have it.

You have strong opinions on greed and what the current rich and powerful are doing with their wealth…

You could tell them a thing or two about how greedy they are being and how they are causing al the problems in the world…

But you…

YOU CHOOSE to play small and just get enough to live comfortably with your family and so you limit the impact you could have on the world.

Sorry honey, but I say that is selfish.

Not everyone has the skills you have…

Not everyone has the depth of relationship you have with your Higher Power – Although I wonder if it really is that strong…

Not everyone is you.

You have gone through some stuff, overcome stuff that would have undone most, you have access to incredible wisdom but who knows it?!

Maybe just a few friends, your family and that is it.

You could be impacting many…

You could be the rich, using your wealth in the way you think others should…

You could be changing more lives…

But you have bought into religious nonsense that keeps you small…

And you tell yourself that you are not being greedy.

Honey, why do you think that your life has to be an ‘either-or’

Either I am rich or I am spiritual

Either I am a good parent or I am rich

Either I am a good friend or I am a powerful business owner

Either I have a great relationship with my Higher Power or I am wealthy…

And so, like the child in the toy shop surrounded by awesome toys, you hold back from allowing them anywhere near you, in case they contaminate you!

And I know there are all the underlying fears of getting carried away by the love of money and losing touch with everyone in your life but why do you distrust yourself so much?

Money will not turn you into something you are not!

It will magnify what you are.

So, be honest, what are you really scared of?

What internal work are you unwilling to do?

What do you really think might come up if you decided to truly open yourself to abundance in all its fullness?

Are you willing to handle that so that you are free to serve more people and therefore create more wealth for you, for yours and then for the wider world?

You are here on this planet, right now for a reason and whether you like it or not, you will have more impact and be able to help more people IF YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE RICH?

And the crazy thing is that beneath all your protestations, you want this.

And that both scares and excites you!

You are scared of your motivations and maybe, there is some growing for you to do but will you allow yourself to GROW?

Or will you keep yourself small because you are scared you will turn into some kind of megalomaniac that will just do what all the people you are judging right now, do?

Again, can you trust that you are more powerful than that?

Honey, I see it as your duty to live as your most powerful self, not just because of you, but more because of the people you are called to serve…

But ain’t no one gonna force you to do the internal work that you gotta do to become that person – THE person you know in your heart of hearts you are here to be.

It is time for you to get on the narrow path…

It is time for you to sacrifice the comfort of playing small…

It is time to face up to those fears of seeing who you really are…

It is time to fight for and to deliberately design the life you are born and meant to live…

Because deep down, despite the doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, you really do want to.


So, come on, work with me one on one to change your life…

Work with me, one on one, to conquer all internal blocks and to roll out a marketing strategy that works to deliberately design the epic life and business you know you are born for

You have ben thinking about it, uuming and aahring about it…

And honey, now there is no more time to live the wrong life!

HISTORY MAKER: PRIVATE MENTORING PROGRAM is open for applications now.

This is for you if you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur wanting support to uplevel your profits…

Or you are a professional ready to transition into your own profitable, purpose-driven business…

You are willing to do the internal and the external work to get results

You know this year is to be your most profitable year yet

You are willing to invest in yourself and your business/ministry/whatever

This is best for people who feel called to impact more people and are or are about to be…

– Service Providers Who Want To Get Clients Online or build out a group program

– Writers

– Musicians

– Artists

– eCommerce store owners
– Starting/Growing a ministry using social media

Pop over to to apply

This is a high level program and you can expect

? Your income to increase massively – It is time to accept that you are only allowing a small amount of wealth through. Yes, you are already successful and comfortable but you are too attached to this level of comfort. Time to break free of this so that you can step into the more. No, you don’t know when or how it will all work, but it will work if you set your mind to be all you are born to be and I will be with you every scary step of the way

? To be free of crazy relationships that keep you stuck in place – You are holding on to relationships right now that keep you safe and small. You already know it but you have confused a healthy sense of self-preservation with being selfish and so you allow people to speak into your life that really should not be. Work with me to see more clearly what truth you are denying about your current relationships. Everything may change or nothing may change but be open to growth.

? To be free of religious nonsense that stops you doing what you need to do to get abundant results – Some of the religious beliefs you have in your brain are nonsensical and you kinda know it but it scares you to face them. Work with me to confidentially work out the kinks in your belief system, no judgement, no telling you what to think, I simply create space for you to step into your chosen, most empowering beliefs rather than just going along with the party line. You then choose how you want your chosen beliefs to play out. Again, nothing may change or everything may change. You just need to get clear on what you believe without judgement so that your inner guilt and fears are not clouding your judgement.

? Incredible connection to Your Higher Power – You long for a deep spiritual connection and your Higher power is really not the one in hiding. As you handle the stuff that clogs you up about what you think your Higher power thinks of you, you will find a refreshed, more connected relationship with Source that empowers rather than disempowers you.

?A purpose-driven business that changes lives – Yes, I know that purpose is something you want your life to be built on. But you dither and procrastinate at the moment on playing full-out because you doubt that you can use your gifts, strengths, experiences to build a business that will provide you with the ability to change lives AND to make money. Work with me to figure it all out so that IT DOES!

? A deep sense of wholeness and wellness inside, knowledge that you are on path – Inside of you is such a lack of clarity around what you are allowed or not allowed to do. So many rules and beliefs that keep you stuck. Work with me to get supremely clear that even on the uncertain days, you are in exactly the right place for you.  And also, lets take a look at your health and physical well-being too.

? To be confident in making offers and asking people to pay you handsomely for what you choose to deliver to the world – Stop playing down your strengths and gifts by charging so little for your service, products, whatever. Learn how to make irresistible offers and begin now to handsomely charge for the good you put in the world. Work through the internal resistance and the fears that will rise as you step fully into your power.

? To Know your unique gifts, talents, strengths and a battle plan to get them into the marketplace serving people and making you money – Get clear on what you have to offer the world, your purpose, your calling. Bring it all out as I create a safe space for you to explore what you really want and who you really are, away from all the boxes that loved ones may have placed you in. And then we will create marketing plans to truly use your strengths to serve while you promote what you have to offer. Marketing, sales are all forms of service, you know!

? To feel certainty inside that you are on the right path and to show that in the marketplace so that others are able to trust you – People buy into confidence. They need to trust you which means you need to trust that you are doing the very best you can in this moment. Work with me to remove the shadows that cause you to sound uncertain and unsure. Of course, your life is an ever-expanding gloriousness but for right now, in this moment, you can be certain that what you are doing is the best you can do RIGHT NOW.

? To confidently shine your light – Yes, you are leader and as leader, you must shine your light and trust that you are enough for the work you are called to do and the people you are called to serve. Time to get over thinking it is humble to play small and time to see where you do it without even realising that you are. You can be assured that working with me will cause you to see your blind spots with incredible clarity and growth will follow.

? To have more influence and impact than ever before so that you can actually help the people you are called to serve. – You are currently holding back. You see the big picture and it both attracts and repels you because you wonder if you are enough or if you have a right to think that or whatever your limiting belief of choice is! Work with me to shine a light on where you are holding back because of false beliefs and then in turn, show up in the marketplace, more powerfully than you have ever done before and actually SERVE MORE people who now can trust you because you start to own who you are meant to be – HISTORY MAKER, MAVERICK, LEADER!

? To be a role model for your family and because you level up so much, you can be the source of change for your whole family! – Your fears that you will somehow lose your family or be less available to them are not true. Actually, it is as you own the fullness of yourself that you allow them to do the same. It is as you stop holding them responsible for you playing small then you release them to step their game up too. Work with me to be the family man, woman you are born to be.

? To stop resisting money and the receipt of it! You will finally allow yourself to receive AND KEEP what is yours by birth – You may not be actively trying to pursue the accumulation of wealth just for selfish purposes but that does not mean that you should continue to repel it. Time to get free of the need for money so that it stops running from you like that date in your younger years – The one you scared away by your intense desire for him/her and also the game playing you partook in to pretend you did not want him/her. Money flows. Allow it to! You can have as much or as little as you desire but realise that you ar able to do more good with more of it. Time to handle those money ideas that may not be serving you.

? To stop self-sabotaging and to handle the impostor syndrome so that it stops getting in your path – Your feelings of being too small to play the big game, do you no favours. Time to notice where you are not showing up in your fullness because of the underlying belief that you are a fraud. This is a blind spot for lots of powerful people. Work with me to spot when you are doing this and to learn techniques to SHOW UP!

? To have a social media and online marketing strategy that generates prospects and sales quickly – Yep, the practical stuff will also be covered in our work together. ACTION plus CLARITY!

Again, pop over to to apply

Included in the program, You Get…

One 3 Hour session where we map out a marketing plan for our time together as well as handle any immediate internal issues that may come up.

18 Deep Transformational Coaching sessions one on one with me over a 6 month period, completely tailored to your needs

Some Technical Assistance or access to my preferred freelancers to help you

You will have access to these 6 bestselling, transformational programs –

? BRAIN TRAINING – Think Rich, Act Rich, Get Rich

PASSION INTO PROFITS – Take what Is Inside of You & Create A $300 A Day Business

?SPIRIT SEX SUCCESS – Be the Confident, influential leader that customers, clients, recruits want to work with

? DM PLATINUM HIGH LEVEL STRATEGY – The strategy that will take you to six figures fast

? ROCK SOLID SELF BELIEF: The 30 day program to build your self-belief

? CONFIDENT CREATIVE MONEY MAKER: Unleash your creativity confidently in the marketplace and convert it into cash in 30 days

?SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR: Handle the blocks in your spirituality so that you can be the profitable entrepreneur you are born to be

You are invited to completely rewire your mindset for increased happiness and prosperity with an immersion in THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN to the ever-increasing catalogue of business, spiritual and personal growth programs within the library. Find out more at and begin your immersion. Unlock your true potential and take back dominion over your money, relationships and energy right now.

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