Aaron 3 – Hope?

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Now to carry on again.  I must admit this is taking longer than I had thought it would but well…

If you are just joining in then you will want to read the first part and then the second part.

This was his life now – a shell of a life.  He had heard of places where people walked using sticks but even though he was determined to try anything and had been convinced to by Sam and Jon. He still could get nothing but his head and neck to move.  His days were spent lying on one makeshift mattress or the other as he was unable even to change himself.  Even his mother looked away as she changed him, cleaned him up when he messed himself.  He was full of humiliation and shame at his helplessness and wished he were dead but for some reason, the Big Guy up in the heavens had kept him alive.  Time and time again, he had become infected with some disease or the other and even though he never complained out loud, he had hoped that that would be the end.  However time and again, he recovered and continued his lifeless existence, just waiting for the evenings when his only friends would pop in for a few minutes to regale him with tales of their day.

New Hope, maybe…

Sam and Jon worked together in their father’s farms.  Each farm got a portion of their attention each day so they were able to keep each other company throughout the day.  Recently, there had been news of some kind of miracle worker in the village next to theirs.  Someone had even mentioned that this guy had actually brought someone back to life.

However, the truth was they had heard all this before.  Over the years there had been one story after the next of how their friend could be fixed up.  Each time they would run home to Aaron in the evening and convince him that this was the one that would be the solution to all his problems.  One medicine after the other, one gadget after the other– Some pretty toxic stuff, some things had made Aaron even worse and yet they found it hard to give up hope that their friend would somehow be alright again.  There was too much of life still to enjoy! The question became, how to convince Aaron to hope again, when it could well be another hoax designed to part them with their money.

Sam and Jon were alright with paying the guy whatever he wanted as they just wanted their friend, Aaron to be alright again, but the sticking point was Aaron.  He seemed recently to have lost all hope, the light in his eyes was fading and even when they came in the evening, he hardly seemed to acknowledge them.  Talking to him was becoming more and more like talking to a tree except a tree had more life.  They too remembered the final days of the other guy in the village who could not move, he had become listless and even more senseless in his speech.  One day he had died but there was hardly any difference between him, dead or alive.  They really did not want this for their friend.  Some hope was better than nothing.

So, on they chatted about how they were going to take him whether he wanted to go or not.  They decided the next day was a good day for a trip and they could get the other family members to do their work for the day.  At sunset, they head back to the village ready to join in with proceedings, eat their evening meal and speak to Aaron.

I think tomorrow should end the story but lets see where it goes.  I would love to hear any constructive feedback…

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