A new Logo!

By August 8, 2012November 14th, 2014My Journey

Ok, to all readers out there!  Just a quick one.

What do you think of the new logo?

Be nice now!  Tloml has spent the WHOLE evening putting this together for me and I am supremely grateful.  I really like it! 

Isn’t it wonderful to have a hubby who spends two whole evenings in a row helping me put together logos for my two main concerns (apart from mothering, being a wife and all that!) – This blog and my property sourcing business.  The very least I can do for him is make a cup of tea 😀

Woohoo!  I am truly blessed!

And for all of you who cannot remember what it looked like anyway!

This is what it originally looked like…

and then it became…

and then, almost the same but slightly different…

and now we have the lovingly produced and gratefully received…

Until the next time…

Live life to the full ( ;-D )

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