Hey… The time for hiding is done!  It is now the time of the awakening, the remembering of who you are, the stepping up and taking your role and the refusal to ever back down again.

A new day is here!

You have always known you are different…

You have always known that you are called by name and to a higher purpose and you have doubted and delayed, procrastinated and postponed…  All the time telling yourself all kinds of reasons that you cannot and will not do it at the moment.

1. You are too young

And so you decide to spend your younger years doing what everyone else said you have to do.  It seems sensible and it stops you paying attention to the calling, the purpose that keeps whispering at you.  You think you have all the time in the world to do something after you have established yourself, right?

No honey, all that happens is that you get trapped in a life you don’t want.  Use your energy to build one you DO!

2. You are too old

You have too many responsibilities to attempt to do the thing that your heart and in some cases, YOUR GOD calls you to do.  You consider yourself older and wiser now and look back with a smile at your younger self and all your dreams.  But deeper than the condescending smile you give your younger, more enthusiastic self, is the feeling that you missed the boat.

The wonder if life could have been more satisfying if you had just been more courageous.

And yet, nothing stops you now! but you think your time has passed and so the cycle continues.  In ten years time, you look back again and wonder why you did not start now.  START NOW!!!!

3. You have been through too much

You have a story and you think that precludes you from ever living out the calling and mission on your life.  Honey, it is your story that will fire your people up and call them to action.  It is your story that will give them hope while you show them how you can help them.  It is your story that gives your message even more meaning – Stop hiding it, Let it OUT!

And where you feel too broken to face anything else, let me tell you that you are strong enough to show up!  Everything that has happened to you has strengthened and empowered you.  Choose to come around people who will encourage you, people who will challenge you, people who have your back as we all together go forward to claim the vision we have for our families and for ourselves – Join us in the Deliberate Millionaire (RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/dmlifetime)

4. You have not been through enough

You hear everyone else and their story and you think that your life was too tame by comparison.  “What do I have to offer?”, you ask yourself and you can offer sanity in a world gone mad.  You can give them hope that it does not all have to be dramatic and draining.  BEGIN!

5. You don’t have money

Yes, and?

That just means you have nothing to lose.  NOw is your time to get VERY creative and figure out a different way to get your message out and call your people in to come buy your service, your product, your opportunity, YOUR MESSAGE!

The workman is worth his pay so get to work and DO THE WORK you are called to.  Daily grow your audience with your words, daily tell them how you can help them, give them hope and daily ask them to take the next step which will involve some exchange of money and value.

6. You have enough money & prestige

And so now you don’t want to upset the apple cart.  Who would have thought that too much money would be an issue and yet, it can be a trap.  You are way too comfortable, aren’t you?  People already look up to you, your family is comfortable and though you dream of more and bigger things, you are scared that you will lose what you already have and so the longing goes unfulfilled.

I am not telling you to drop everything you have and start from scratch, ok?  I am telling you to fit your dream in!  Let your dream grow without all the desperation of NEEDING an income and as it grows (and it will once you put your mind to it) you can start to reposition your life until you get to the point where you are completely living out your dream.

Give yourself a chance to live your BEST LIFE!

7.  Everyone else is already doing it


That just tells you there is a market for what you have to offer and the thing you must realise is that no one, NO ONE is going to do it like you.  No one has your voice, your specific message so it matters not how many others are doing what you are called to do.  The only thing that matters is “WILL YOU or WON’T YOU?”

8. You don’t know how…

You do have an inkling though, don’t you?  DO THAT while you learn other ways to get your message out and call your people into your own purpose driven business, ministry, whatever.

9. You don’t know if it will work

And, honey, you will never know unless you try.  And in fact, you make it absolutely certain that it will NOT work because you do not even make a start.  Be done with this dilly-dallying – Step UP!

A new day is here!  And you feel it within you…

You are ready to come out from behind the shadows and take your place as leader!

It is your time!

RISE UP, Leader!

The world awaits your awakening!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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