Do you ever do this thing where you kinda know you want more money but there is a part of you that feels too ashamed to ask for it?  You have somehow told your head and your whole body that asking for money is crude and should be avoided at all costs.

And then you go on to wonder why you are not making the money you want in your business!

And this does not apply just to money, though that is the focus today.  It applies to every single area of your life.  You want and you want and yet, at the same time, deep inside you feel bad for wanting so much.

If you take the time to look inside of yourself, you are saying silly things like…

I don’t deserve that much money. (Really, so how much do you deserve? – Do you even have that from your business?)

I don’t deserve to be rich. (According to who?)

I have to put in the time to get the money I want (How much time is enough time, I wonder?)

I cannot just say bluntly that people should come buy, can I?  I have to coat it in nice-sounding language, be the most helpful person on the block that everyone can take advantage of, hoping, oh so hoping that finally they will see my true value and buy from me without me even having to ask!  (this one just keeps you in ‘friend’ zone and the very same person you invest all of your time in, pops off and buys from someone who just asks for the money! and you are crushed because you thought they did not have the money and the truth is, they just did not even realise you had anything to sell because…


It is wrong to want more money unless it is coated with nice sounding words like serving people (Wrong according to who? money is nothing but a thing and a thing is not wrong or right! It just is a means to an end – Stop being so emotional about it! )

Jesus (or whoever your favourite spiritual leader is) was poor so I have to be poor too (I am not sure anyone really thinks this so blatantly but when you look deep inside your psyche and when you look at your judgements of other wealthy spiritual leaders, you realise that you hold yourself back because you just cannot convince yourself that God will not hate you if you got rich.  You think you will be judged and you judge other wealthy people – For this one, I suggested to a client to just go straight to the source, God/the universe, and ask the question and she was pretty surprised what she heard back and now she is easily, effortlessly allowing herself to ask for the money! You need to do that too.)

My family/friends will demand too much from me and may even be jealous if I get rich  (this is another subconscious one that is possibly holding you back – If they do get jealous, why on earth do you care so much?  Is it loving of them to be jealous of you?  And is it sensible of you to hold yourself back just in case they are?!)

I don’t want to become like that person who flaunts all their wealth and does the craziest stuff ( What is wrong with flaunting what you have worked your butt off to create?  Why be jealous of what you also want and of what you can have anytime you choose to get out of your own way?)

Look here, if you want more wealth, you just have to get over all the internal craziness and get to work asking for it, creating products, services and recruiting conversations that result in a sale.  It is that simple.

You can have all the emotional, spiritual and psychological baggage you want, behind it but it really does come down to simply asking for what you want and keeping on asking for it daily in some way.

Let those who want to judge, judge and remain broke.

You get on with releasing all that crazy energy and telling people how you can help them and offering something for sale.

You have to have your focus on creating a certain amount of wealth and stop telling yourself that you do not want to be mercenary.  You know that you care about actual people, right?  then stop questioning your motives.

Instead, daily write out your goals and why you want them.

Keep the urgency and the passion and the big emotional reason why, on top of your mind and do whatever it takes to make it happen.  And whatever your reason is, is good enough.  Stop trying to be holier than everyone – just accept that you want what you adn it does not make you a bad person.  It just does not!

When you really stop to think about it, making money is simple.

You just ask for it, you keep your focus on getting what you want, you get over yourself.  And it is the getting over yourself that is the most difficult part of this, isn’t it?

Well, whip out your journal and write down why you are not making the money you want yet.  Be honest with yourself and QUESTION EVERYTHING!  Do not allow yourself to be deceived anymore by high-sounding ideals that just keep you broke.  Look at what is really at the heart of what you are saying to yourself and fight it down.

Understand there is nothing ‘wrong’ with wanting the money you want – It just is.  You want it and there is absolutely no reason why you and everyone cannot have it.  You , having all that money, does not stop anyone else from having it all so why not go for it?  Let other people work out their own issues, you focus on yours!

Decide what you want.

Write it out baldly for your eyes to see.

And make a plan today to ask for it.

Then do the same tomorrow

And the next day

and the next day.

And one day, you will wake up and realise that you now do have it all and there was never, ever a reason not to have had it.

You ready?

Let’s go make a lot of money.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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