You will feel deluded as you seek to grow your coaching, healing, course-creator business to 6 figures and beyond.

Embrace the feeling.

You are going against the norms that you grew up with.

You are programmed to just get as much education as you can, get the ‘good’ job, save money for retirement and put as much as possible into a retirement fund that you hope will still be valuable when you come to use it and then work really hard in an unfulfilling job for a few decades, retire from it FINALLY and hopefully spend the last few years of your life enjoying that retirement fund.

So ANYTHING you do outside of this plan is going to make you feel deluded.

You will doubt yourself

You will wonder if you just want too much

And most people do not even make it past this first hurdle – They NEVER make a start at their own business.

However, you are not MOST people – you did make a start.

BUT you do suffer from the same old mass-mind-programming which can, if you are not careful, cause you to do stupid things to overcompensate for the fact that you feel like you are deluding yourself.

You may find yourself permanently busy building things in your business but have no profits to show for all your activity

YOu may find yourself selling all your stuff at really low prices, telling yourself that that is the quickest way to profit and then you find out it is not but instead of realising your pricing is flawed, you will come up with some silly idea that it would be greedy to charge higher prices and that you just need to try harder to sell your stuff or make different low cost stuff or just pray and wait for a miracle because you have faith!

You will even find yourself targeting people who mostly cannot pay you like teenagers from broken homes or the homeless or victims of domestic violence who have no money of their own but you will not see what you are doing because again, you have some nonsensical but spiritually great-sounding reason to keep killing yourself to serve people who are not able or willing to pay you.  Their priority is survival and your program is about thriving AFTER surviving, my love – They just ain’t there yet!

You tell yourself that it is your calling, your purpose to do the silly things you are doing because if it is your DIVINE MANDATE and life’s purpose then you can justify to yourself why you MUST keep doing this thing that seems deluded.

You tell yourself you are walking by faith and not by sight and so nothing anyone tries to tell you is valid because THEY do not know how to walk by faith.

The problem is that of course, you have enough truth mixed in there with your silly lies and so it really does seem ‘right’

Except you find yourself wondering why the Divine does not come rescue you if it is truly your calling and your divine purpose

You can’t help but start to wonder if you are truly cut out for this thing

And that is, of course, if you even get this far, MOST people quit and return to their boring old life claiming that they tried everything and nothing worked and that they were scammed.

But you are not most so you work yourself into despair, disappointment and depression but you do not quit.


Your focus is wrong.

You are focused on trying to prove that you are not deluded to yourself and to anyone who has ever doubted you when you need to be focused on making profits in business.

You are focused on trying to prove that the Divine is on your side WHEN YOU NEED TO BE FOCUSED ON MAKING PROFITS IN YOUR PURPOSE-ALIGNED BUSINESS!

As I said at the start, you ARE going to feel deluded when building your 6 figure coaching, healing, course-creator business. You just are.

Embrace the feeling but do not let it control you.

Acknowledge the fact that you are doing something different from the norm and shelve the feeling – There will be ample time for clearing and healing when you are MAKING PROFITS IN BUSINESS!

Then with clear mind and heart, map out a strategy for business profits and follow it, regardless of how deluded you feel.

This, of course, is easier typed than done so I strongly urge you to work with a coach or mentor to clarify when your emotions are leading you down a silly path to nowhere as opposed to when you are following a clear business strategy that is likely to work.

So much time wasted and so many mistakes made because you do not realise that you are chasing the wrong goal.

You do not stop feeling self-deluded by trying to stop feeling self-deluded.

As your dreams and goals get bigger and bigger, you may ALWAYS feel self-deluded.

So what?!

You do not have to prove anything to yourself or to anyone else.

You simply need to DECIDE what you want

And have a clear strategy to get there

Follow it consistently.

Most things in life are simple but it gets complicated when you get emotional about it.

The problem is you mostly do not even realise you are getting too emotional about it and being an entrepreneurial leader does mean you are rather pigheaded and determined which is GREAT when you are focused on the right goals but it can be self-sabotaging when your focus is on trying to FEEL better without even realising that this is your focus.

IF you are TRULY DETERMINED to hit 6 figures in your coaching, healing, course-creator business by this time next year, then here is a clear strategy to follow –

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