Any kingdom that fights against itself is reduced to ruins.

From The Bible

You are ‘a house divided’

You fight against your true design because you think it is impossible to make it work in the ‘real’ world.

You have grand dreams & ideas that seem alien to your normal way of doing things and so, instead of surrendering to your true desires, you try to push them down, shove them down and tell yourself not to be silly.  You remind yourself of all your responsibilities and you prove to yourself with solid-sounding arguments that you cannot do that which you dream of doing.  You remind yourself that people will think you are going crazy if you start doing that which you really want to do.

You fight yourself.

You tear yourself down.

You undermine yourself.

And so you are left unable to make powerful decisions and you allow things to continue that hurt you.

And all the while, your subconscious mind is taking on the idea that you are not good enough, not worthy enough and too weak to bring your true design vision to life and so, it continues to protect you from yourself by cloaking all this in-house-fighting with logical argument and it tells you that it is common sense.

And so, even as you read what I am saying here, you want to believe me but you just can’t.

And so, you straddle the fence (as a client of mine put it) between your old, comfortably painful life and your TRUE DESIGN magnificent life and you never quite DECIDE

A pervading sense of anxiety and sadness are constant companions.

Even when you start your business, you move sooooo slowly that your subconscious mind is able to convince you that you are not cut out for this thing that you are trying to do and you snap right back into a draining career that you do not desire.


Stop this, my love.

STOP THIS and awaken to your true design

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