A day of reflection and contemplation

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Usually, I would be changing the world one patient at a time in my weekly pharmacist stint but today, I am sitting here by the radiator having a snow day of reflection and contemplation.  Around me, it has been snowing since Friday and there is quite a lot of snow around. It actually looks pretty nice and clean and white but I do hate having to cancel everything in order to accommodate an inability to get around.  I am currently on the hunt for further properties to add to my growing portfolio and I had two potential ones to look at yesterday.  Unfortunately, they cancelled on me due to the snow.

A bit annoying but I am hopeful that by the end of next week, I will have one or two more properties in the pipeline ready to come on board the Kilmoth Property Investments train.  Onwards and upwards we go!

Reflection and Contemplation

day of reflectionSo what have you been up to this week?  Do you ever get time to sit and reflect?  Do you make time to sit and contemplate what you are doing, what you are hoping to achieve and where you hope to be in 1 week, 1 month, 1 year from now.

Recently, I seem to have been doing this quite regularly.  I write my goals, little or big and try to go over them each and every day.  This is something fairly new to me as I decided to start doing it on a daily basis this year.  You may have noticed if you follow the blog that I have determined that this year will be my year of inner growth.  The last two years or so, I have spent a lot of time gaining knowledge in the property business and actually, I have done well with it.  However, I want to move on to the next level and spending time working on my psyche is definitely the next step for me.

Do you know that success in any field requires you to BE a person that can deal with that success?  We all hear of the lottery winners who get catapaulted to great wealth but then lose it all fairly hastily as it was all too sudden and they were not ready to BE a person of great wealth yet.  Or what of singers, actors whose character is not ready to deal with the fame and wealth suddenly thrust on them, they cave in to drugs, drink, self-harm and more.  The pressure is too much for them to deal with.

These are extreme examples, of course, but how many times have you gone so far towards reaching a certain goal and somehow it all collapses, you do something really silly or you get scared and decide where you are at is sufficient?  If you are like me, then this may have happened to you a few times.  When I was younger, I would have great ideas, great plans but absolutely no follow through.  I knew what I wanted, I even knew how to achieve it and yet, I would either make a start and stop when things got tough or I would just write about it and not actually follow through on anything.

Even now, I know if I allow myself, the great stillness will overtake me and NOT in a good way.

So, each day, I go through my goals, drag up the enthusiasm despite any immediate setbacks, and step on into the new day.  But more than just going over goals, I spend time working on my ‘BE-ing’ as well.  If I do not somehow convince myself that I am worth the effort then at some point, I will give it all up as a bad job and start to create a disaster that I can then blame for my stopping.

day of reflection and contemplationIn my last post, I talked about choosing my thoughts, and I suppose this follows on from that. These days, I take a few seconds each day to start myself in the mirror and remind myself that I am amazing and loved and beautiful.  I tell myself I was created for a reason and because I am Christian, I also firmly believe that Jesus died for me so that I can live a FULL, ABUNDANT life.  He considered ME worth it and so I must be awesome.

Now, you may not be a Jesus follower, that’s irrelevant as I know on your behalf that He made the same sacrifice for you so you too therefore are truly amazing.  So many of us have lived a life feeling we were just not good enough.  We may have been told that and somehow it has become our truth,  I would suggest that you spend sometime looking yourself in the eye and with emotion, say to yourself “I AM GREAT! I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM POWERFUL”.  Keep saying it on a daily basis until you start to believe it and then carry right on until it becomes your new truth.

Anyway, enough for now.

Today was certainly a day of reflection and contemplation for me and I hope it was fruitful for you too.

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