Discover What You Need To Generate More Leads, And Build A Responsive Mailing List With People Who Want To Buy From You Time and Time Again!

The Lead Magnet

How lovely would it be to send out an email and get sale upon sale upon sale within minutes of sending?

Imagine that!

That will be exactly what happens when you learn the fine art of attracting enough of the right people onto your mailing list!

Tell me, Are you struggling at the moment to get enough eyeballs looking at your offers?

You kinda have a great idea about who your person is and yet, you cannot get enough of them onto your list to respond to your offers and so you start to doubt yourself and what you have and whether you are speakign to the right person or not etc etc etc!

You know that you need to build a mailing list but frankly the why and the how of creating something that will attract the right people is proving a little bit too much for you!

You are just ignoring all the talk about an opt in and a lead magnet because it just seems far too complicated and you are not even sure what to put together anyway.  As far as you are concerned, you just need to make sales and yet, you are not even doing that.

And this is one major piece you are missing…

YOu Need A Mailing ListWhether your business is on or offline, the wealth of your business is contained in your list because they are the people you can impact and they are the people who will buy from you time and time again.

And if you are in network marketing, your mailing list is how you can stay in touch with people until the time is right for them to join your business and in the meantime, they could be your customers – the ones who buy your products.

So you need to get this sorted.


You need to attract more people onto your list and you can do that by learning how to create a lead magnet that gets attention and causes the right people to come onto your list and be receptive to your offers.

It is a bit like starting a relationship with someone you hope to make a partner – You cannot go straight to the wedding, you cannot approach with the BIG question, can you?

No, that will chase them off without a second glance at you!

And that is what you do with your potential prospects when you try to jump down their throat with your ‘buy this, buy that’ before they even get a little chance to know you.

Don’t be that person.

They leave with no backward glance and you may never ever see them again and now you have no way to reach them, at all!

How frustrating.

I used to do this all the time – I heard all about lead magnets and opt ins and all of that jazz but I just could not get my act together to create one and so, I left so much money on the table.

Now, I have a list of thousands and it has changed the fortune of my business.

You need to have a list.

But not just any list, you need a responsive list with people who choose to buy from you, time and time again.

And you get that high responsive and profitable list by putting together a lead magnet.

The question you are now left with, is “How Do I Do that?” and that is what this program is designed to answer.

Invest in this program and learn…

  • How to decide on what your lead magnet should be

  • Why it needs to be as valuable as a paid-for item

  • What to give away and what to hold back

  • The tools you can use to create your lead magnet

  • How long it should take you to create one and how much your people are likely to consume

  • How to use it to get lots of people opting in to your mailing list

  • What headlines to use to really get the attention of the people you want to attract

  • How to outline it so that it is easy to create

  • The various types of lead magnets available and how to choose which one to go with

  • Where you must promote it in order to get as much attention as possible for it

  • Do you need ads?  Maybe not, Learn how to promote without spending lots of money

  • How to attract people using your lead magnet whether you have a website or not.

This program will be released officially on Friday and added to the 5K Online Sales Machine but I am making it available to fast action takers until Friday at half price.

As someone who takes action quickly, you can jump on the class for just $23.50 – After Friday, it wil go to full price $47 or you can get it in the 5K Online Sales Machine.


And just to further sweeten the deal, I have also added the following two bonuses for you!


  • How To Focus & Eliminate Distractions so you do the work you need to do to get the results you want, in the shortest possible time!
    How much time has been wasted in procrastination?  How much time have you spent doubting yourself.  This supercharged audio will get you into massive action without all the doubting and uncertainty!  Let’s make this happen! (Worth $47)
  • The ‘Network Marketing Professionals’ Step- By Step Blueprint – How To Get More Qualified Prospects & Sell More Stuff On Social Media  Report and Audio, Without Picking Up The phone until they are absolutely qualified! (Worth $47)

This ‘Lead Magnet’ Program will be delivered as a series of audios and videos.


Who Is This For?


  • Entrepreneurs with a product or service that they want to promote online
  • People wanting to start their own ministry and looking to build an audience online
  • Network marketing professionals/Home business/Direct sales peeps who do not want to spend ages on the phone and are fed up of harassing friends and families to buy their stuff and join the team.
  • Authors, Musicians ready to build an audience that wants to come to their events and buy their art
  • Coaches, Consultants who want more people doing discovery sessions or even want to find an alternative way to get clients
  • Anyone transitioning into their own online business needs this.



So, if you are an entrepreneur (current or about to be) and you want to start attracting prospects like bees to honey…

Invest in this program!

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