9 Things You Need In Order To Create A Successful Business

9 things you need in order to create a (1)

1. The ability to switch off the crazy voice in your head that tells you that you will fail or the ability to keep going despite it. Everyone has that crazy voice but the truly successful business owners & entrepreneurs refuse to give into the craziness

2. The ability to keep taking action even when it feels like nothing is working. It is a little like pushing a rock uphill in blindfolds – You almost feel like you are not getting anywhere as you focus on putting one foot in front of the other and then all of a sudden, you are at the top and things seems to fall into place and everything is easy… until the next hill

3. The ability to stop listening to the naysayers in your life – There will always be those who ‘tried’ what you are doing and they gave up so they will do whatever they can to make you give up too. They are not in this to help you feel good and succeed, they are in this to make sure that if they did not do it, no one else will either!

4. The ability to stop listening even to the ones that love you because when it comes down to it – they do not understand the vision in your head and if you let them, they will love you out of doing the work. Their intention is good but misguided and you need to know that. Love them but ignore them.

5. The ability to stop waiting for everything to be perfect before you start taking action. Nothing is ever perfect when you start to create something profitable and amazing – You just do it imperfectly and get better as you go.

6. The ability to be committed more to finding yourself in the work rather than just the money – The knowledge that this work you do is important to becoming all that you are created to be. To dare to become your real self even if that self is completely mercenary and just wants to live a luxurious life. The ability to face that and be cool with it instead of trying to be all humble and pretend you do not want the money is essential because you WILL HAVE TO pass through this stage in order to get to the deeper reasons for you doing what you do. Maybe, you will never get past this stage but be comfortable with it anyway. Be comfortable with wanting to be rich beyond your wildest dreams because your poverty helps no one.

7. The ability to believe it is possible to have it all – the relationships, the work that means something to you, the happiness, the peace, a great relationship with God, everything! – You create what you believe! If you believe that the only way to make loads of money is to lose your family then you will create that (or you will get in your way to stop yourself losing your family) – Face those inner demons and get past them so that you stop stopping yourself from doing what it takes to create wealth.

8. The ability to recognize when you need support – No one creates a successful business alone – NO ONE – there is always some kind of a team involved. Mentors, coaches, outsourcers, staff are all part of a successful person’s team – Do you have your power team yet?

9. The tips tricks and strategies – I mention this one deep down on the list because if you have all the above, you will learn all the sales & marketing skill you need in order to succeed – It is not usually the know-how that stops you though you will probably focus only on the know-how, thinking that if you just knew HOW to do it, then nothing would get in your way. It is a lie. You already KNOW HOW to do some of it but for whatever reason, you are not doing even the bit you know. That is where the top 8 reasons come into play. Figure out which one applies to you and stop letting it stop you!

If you can get these abilities under your belt, it is only a matter of time before your 6 or 7 figure (or more) business is yours!

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Surely, it is your time to have that successful business. Let’s go.

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