Do you have a belief that says you are inherently bad, such as a belief in original sin?  Do you believe you deserve to be punished?  Or do you believe that at the core of you, you are good, you are worthy, you are loveable?

As an aside, please understand that you get to choose what beliefs you stick with so there is nothing in this blog that cannot be changed, if you choose to do the work to change it.  Some beliefs have been there for so long that you do not even realise that it is simply a belief aka a thought that you just kept thinking and thinking and thinking until it took root but please as you go through this, know that a belief in being unable to change, is simply another belief that does not leave you free to prosper.

OK, back to core belief 1 – IF you do not consider yourself good or have some pathway that you believe makes you good such as giving your life to Jesus, then you will never allow yourself to prosper because the truth is that you ARE good and you do not believe that evil should be allowed to win and so, if you think deep down, that you are evil, why will you allow yourself to do the work to prosper?  I hope you understand what I am saying there.


Do you take personal responsibility for the circumstances of your life?  Do you believe in your own personal power to create your life?  OR do you think it is fate, the gods, some other person, thing, event that has all the power and you just have to go along with whatever? Do you think others have the ability to make you happy or angry or sad or anything?

Do you feel powerful or do you feel like a victim of life?


What is your general thought about your life?  Optimistic or pessimistic?

Do you listen to the news and pay strong attention to all the potential dramas about to come take you over?  Do you get angry and feel frustrated and helpless to change anything and so, you spend time shoring up all your resources just incase you have to go into hiding or something, I don’t know?!

Are you always expecting something bad to happen when good things happen to you?  OR do you believe that the better life gets, the better life can continue to get?  Do you expect to grow, expand and become more or are you continually expecting something bad to happen to take everything away from you?


Have you taken on flawed spiritual beliefs that tell you to beg and plead with the gods for respite while doing absolutely nothing at all to change your own existence?  Do you think it is completely up to the will of the Divine or do you believe that power is available for you to direct in the direction of your vision and dreams, if you will allow it?

Do you feel you have a say in your life? or are you completely subject to the whims of the gods?  Do you feel too weak to do anything yourself and so you are waiting for a knight in shining armour to come save the day?  Or just waiting to die because the next life is where you find your reward?


Many talk of wanting to make a difference but many also think they are not enough to make a difference.  They think that the service they offer the world is just not all that great and so they talk about doing something but never actually DO SOMETHING.

Do you believe in your inherent value?  Are you willing to share YOU with the world?  Do you believe there is something awesome there?  I do believe that for you and I cannot wait to see you burst forth in your true glory.


Do you think that who you are is who you are?  Do you think you are stuck in a certain personality without any ability to change things?  Are you resisting life or flowing with life?  Life is all about expansion, expression, growth – Is that you?  Or do you desperately try to keep everything the same so that you do not feel scared?  Are you able to let go of control, knowing that everything is always working out for your good so you do not need to hold on so tight to things and people that want to go?


Whether religious or not, you need to know that you are safe, fully supported, loved if you are to ever dare to go beyond your comfort zone.  And if you are religious and you believe that your deity is likely to whack you upside the head for every imagined or real transgression, how can you allow yourself to be free to prosper?

Is the Universe/God for you or against you?  And this is not just a song you sing, what do you really, deep down, believe?  Any uncertainty means you believe that your higher power is against you, even though you may not say it in so many words just in case you get struck by lightning.

Can you trust that you will be supported in your quest to create a life you adore?  Or do you need to spend lots of energy jumping through hoops for all the people and things that you consider hold the reins to your life?


Do you believe that there are limited resources and that for you to have more, would mean some person, somewhere needs to have less?

The 8 beliefs above will get in your way all day, every day if you have them the unhelpful way.  and the crazy thing is that if you have had them for a long time, you might well be tempted to fight for the unhelpful beliefs.  You might think that I am trying to lead you astray, even though the evidence in your life proves that your beliefs are flawed.  Well, I am not here to argue with anyone.


The good news is you can choose beliefs that support your growth, if you want to.


Beliefs are not set in stone.


YOU HAVE A CHOICE about what you believe.


There is no one anywhere keeping some kind of score, ready to whip you into shape.


YOU are literally your only judge so why, oh why, would you keep yourself playing small?


AWAKEN to your true design self and RISE UP and reclaim your divine inheritance of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love.


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Much Amazing Love

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