The only way for people to know what you have on offer is for you to tell them.

Not once

Not twice

Not 10 times

But as many times as it takes.

You know you have good stuff, right?

You know you can help people, right?

So, tell them as many times and in as many ways as you possibly can, exactly what they need to do next to buy your stuff.

Here are 7 ways…

  1. Write Blogs and use in multiple ways

One blog post can become a lot of content.

Do a video of it.

Do an audio of it.

Take bits of it and turn into quote images.

Do snapchat little videos with it.

Do instagram stories of it.

Do Facebook stories of it.

Ultimately, you created it. Now use it everywhere

2. Quote Images

Go on to and create quote images.

Use and and for free images to use and stick some text on top

Use an insightful caption and put that everywhere too.

3. Do daily/weekly presentations

Get into the habit of showing up on video for your audience.

The more frequently you do this, the better.

In the online space, video is a faster way for people to trust you.


4. Write articles for other people’s audiences

Are their blogs that your people read? or trade magazines? or consumer magazines? Or facebook pages?

Sometimes, it is even worth it to pay to be put before someone else’s audience to grow your own audience as fast as possible.  Other times, you can offer content.  After all, everyone needs content online so you may be surprised to see that some people want guest articles and images.

5. Share your content in groups

Where are your people hanging out? Go put your content there as well.

6. Private message people who show interest in your stuff

When someone shows interest in your stuff as in, they like or comment, why not follow up with them? Send them a private message and connect.

7. Advertise your content

Yep, pull out that wallet and advertise your content, particularly stuff that people have shown interest in organically.

ENE EVERYTHING WITH A CALL TO ACTION.  What do you want them to do next?

So simple to do.

So simple not to do.

How are you going to tell people about what you do?

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Much Amazing Love

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