A 7 Step Process to Get Your Business Noticed By Those With the Money To Buy

Get Your Business Noticed

You are considering starting your own business, right?  And actually it feels a little bit scary.

You just know that you are ready to move away from the stuff you have been doing and move into something that suits you more.  When you began that career, you were passionate about it.  You could see how what you were doing had the potential to change the lives of people you served and you got stuck in and made things happen.

Then, little by little you noticed that things were not going the way you had hoped.  The numbers became more important than the people and slowly but surely, you found yourself beginning to resent your job, resent your bosses, feel ashamed about the chices you had to make for the company.

And then you wondered why you were still there.

However you feel trapped – You have a mortgage to pay, 2.4 children and a lifestyle that is pretty comfortable.

And anyway, what can you do other than this job?

Then one day, you get an idea…

Now the questions becomes, how can I promote my idea and get enough buyers in to create a business that fulfils me and also makes some money.

Here are seven steps to getting your business noticed…


  1. Determine, in your own mind, who you want to serve and figure out where they can be found in sufficient numbers to buy what you want to sell them.Get to know your product or service well and figure out exactly what will appeal to your buyers about it.

  2. Create a website – Not just any website – It must be a website that collects the contact information of the people that pop over to take a look at it.  It is sometimes called a landing page.

  3. Create something that your potential buyers want – So, an article like this could work, a mini book, a video, an audio, something that helps your prospects get a result.Place this on the website as something they can get for free in exchange for their contact details.  And then lead them to look at your product page (after they have left their details)

  4. Become a resource online – Set up a Facebook page, google plus page and any other one that takes your fancy.  Add content to your website, invite people to come take a look.

  5. Advertise where your people are and invite them to visit you on your website, your Facebook page. Always remind them of your free material so that you start to build a prospect list.Use online advertising, off line advertising.  Start by testing online as it can be more economical and then translate what works to your offline efforts.

  6. Find local or national events like networking events, training workshops, trade shows, exhibitions where your buyers may be based on what you figured out in step 1.  Visit there regularly, Be seen, Give talks, Ask people for their contact details, mention your step 3 and offer to send it to them in return.

  7. Finally, Keep doing it all in a sequence that works for you.

Give it time and keep it up and you will start to get your business noticed, you become seen as an expert and you also start to make them buy.

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