You have something…

You really do…

But you hide that something because you feel uncertain about yourself, about what you are doing, about whether people want to pay for your thing, about whether anyone really cares that you feel you have something…

And so you hold that something back…

You keep it close to your chest, thinking that if it is important enough people will come find you and ask about it…

But they don’t because they don’t know and they possibly even feel in a subconscious kind of way that if you do not have the balls to tell them about it then it cannot be that good.

Because… you are their friend, aren’t you?  So, if you felt it was that good, you would not withhold it from them, would you?

So, it probably is not that good and they wish you the best as they carry on with their life.

And you stay standing there with this huge prize, this huge thing that could change their life and you do not tell them!

Honey, it is time for that to stop.

It really is time for that to STOP!



so why not shout it from the rooftops?

Why not tell everyone, everywhere, in every possible way?!

Oh, I see, you don’t want to bother them…

You think they are too busy to listen to you…

Really?!  But what you have could change their life and you know that they are hoping for something to change so why would you not tell them?

OK, yes, they may not understand at first pass, they may think that it is all a bit weird and maybe the way you talk about it at the start is not clear so they do think you are a little weird, as well.

But then the more you talk about your thing, the more clear you get about it, the more clear the people listening to you get as well and before you know it, some people are saying ‘yes’ to you and you get the privilege of serving them with your thing.

Yes, more people will say no than will say yes, there are after all 7 billion people on the planet and you really do not need or even WANT everyone to say ‘yes’, do you?  I mean think about the customer service issues if that did happen to you!!!

So, who cares who says ‘no’ at first?

Nothing would have changed for you, when you think about it?

They were not working with you before and they are not working with you now so what is the difference?

But this is the thing, for those that say ‘yes’ and go on to do something with it.  How thankful do you think they will be that you spoke up?!

How good will it make you feel inside to know that you impacted someone’s life in this way?

Come on now, it is time to get over the fear and the self-doubt – YOU HAVE SOMETHING!

And the other thing to remember is that in this day and age, there are so many unobstrusive ways to connect with people and expose them to your message.

  1. You can make a choice to connect with everyone you meet on social media…

  2. You can then make the choice to create a free giveaway that gives people a taste of what your ‘something’ can do to support them…

  3. You can then give it a compelling title that appeals to the people you know you can help…

  4. You can then mention it on social media, maybe even advertise it, if you want to speed things up a little…

  5. And then as they agree to sample your thing, you can ask for their contact details in return for your free giveaway…

  6. And then, just like I am doing here, you can tell them how your thing can help them over and over again in many different ways, with many different words until the time is right for them.

  7. And then you can change their life with your thing and they can willingly pay you for it.

No pushing, no shoving your ‘thing’ down their throat.

All you need to do is stay consistent and SHOW UP EVERYDAY to do the work.

That is it!

You can do this, can’t you?

YOu can take responsibility for showing up and doing the work each day, can’t you?

Because honey, you really do have something there.

And I don’t care how many other people have the same thing as you because the way you do your ‘thing’ is completely different from the way anyone else will do it, especially when you do it from your heart, rather than just try to copy everyone else out there.

This is about owning the fact that you are different…

this is about seeing that difference as a great thing…

This is about choosing to take your stand in the world!

Choosing to show up with all your jagged edges, knowing that you have a specific purpose to fill in the world and only you can do it so you better get on with it as time is ticking along.

This is about choosing to own your power and choosing to stop doubting that you are, in fact, powerful!

I mean, you have created your life as it is right now so of course, you can recreate it to be anything else you want it to be and this time, you can even be very DELIBERATE about it.

Honey! It is time.

It is your time now…

The delaying, doubting and all that nonsense has got to end.  You have to surround yourself with people who get you, who are on this journey with you, because one of the main reasons you doubt yourself so much is because everyone around you is satisfied with their lot in life and expect that you should be, too.

But you are not and that is okay.

Your people, your true tribe are waiting for you to wake up and come join them as they make a daily decision to show up and change lives with their ‘things’ whatever they are.

Are you ready to step up, yet?  Or do I have to remind you again tomorrow?

We can start by having a conversation, a free 25-30 minute ‘rapid business growth’ consultation where I will help you get clear on what you want to make happen in the next 3-6 months, I will help you identify any obstacles and I will give you the next step to make your goals happen.  We will then decide if you are right for my community of Deliberate Millionaires and at what level we want to work together, if it is appropriate.

Would you like to grow your business within the next 90 days? then pop on over to and let’s book something in.

It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business that you want.

The world awaits.

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