I see you, sitting on the sidelines of your life, searching frantically for a path to the 6-figure, purpose-aligned business success you desire.

The thing is…

🔴 You want your path to have NO challenges

🔴 You want to make no mistakes

🔴 You want to be sure that you will never feel afraid

🔴 You want absolute certainty from some external source, like your pastor or spiritual guru or partner or customer, telling you that you have what it takes

🔴 You want many confirmations from the Divine and you want prophecies to tell you that you are on track and you want angel messages to direct every moment of your journey

And you want it all before you begin.

🔴 You are not afraid to invest in yourself with training and coaching and mentoring but then you want the coach/mentor/trainer to guarantee your success before you begin

🔴 You want all doubt to be removed before you make a move.

And so, you keep sitting there on the sidelines of your life, full of ideas but too terrified to do any of them because deep down, you do know that…

✅ You will face challenges

✅ You will make mistakes

✅ You will feel afraid

✅ No one can make you feel absolutely certain

✅ Your vision is your permission and your vision is all the confirmation you need from the Divine

✅ Any coach/mentor/trainer that guarantees your success when they have no idea whether you will do the work or not, is a fraud.

✅ You will feel doubtful at times

There is no way to avoid these things, regardless of what some marketing guru is selling you.

THE FIX TO ALL OF THIS –  Believe enough in yourself to just move your butt

AND you make A SOLID DECISION within yourself to create a 6-figure, purpose-aligned business and you refuse to quit until you do it

And you make that decision COMPLETELY within yourself and you rest in the assurance that you will keep your word to yourself.

then you jump into the fray, figure out your strategy, lean deeply into the Divine and GET TO WORK!

Are you ready?  I can help smoothen the path if you have made that internal decision to create a 6 figure business, come what may.

START HERE: grab a copy of my book – THE 6-FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS BOOK if you are determined to get clients online and take your business to 6 figures by this time next year.

🔴 This is for action-oriented spiritual people who are using their current skills, natural gifts, spiritual knowledge, self-help wisdom, life experiences to advise, coach, teach, counsel, heal, empower other people or you have products, art, crafts, music, books or a business opportunity that you want to promote profitably
🔴 You are in a full-time business and have not reached 6 figures or you are in a side hustle as you make your transition from an unfulfilling job/business and you want to make 6 figures within 12 months of starting your business.
🔴 This book contains the simple step by step blueprint that my clients and I have used to grow 6 figure businesses using social media, email marketing & advertising (starting at just $5-$10 a day).
🔴 You will discover exactly how to set up your business to generate a high, dependable and ever-increasing monthly income
🔴 You will discover how to keep it all simple so that you can focus on doing the work of serving your clients and making a difference in the world.

Much Amazing Love

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