It is so easy to get trapped into thinking that you are not going to be able to find your people because you start to see the people around you as the only options that there are…

You have been pushing and striving to build your business and as great as that is, you are starting to get a small village feeling as the same faces come past you on a regular basis and you wonder where the new people are…

You think that there is absolutely no way of you reaching more people because you feel you have done all that there is to do but you are forgetting that there are vast numbers of people who have not yet heard of you!

And you can rectify that.


It is tempting to get trapped in your head and also, by the norms around you.  You forget the vast expanse of people outside of your current circle of influence because you think you are limited to just the people you know of.  YOU are not limited except in your own brain.  Accept firstly that there are vast numbers of people on the planet right now who need to hear about your product, service, opportunity.

Accept also that you can reach them, if you stop limiting yourself to what you have done to date and start to learn how to promote yourself more efficiently and effectively.


You forget how easy it is at the moment to reach people.  Social media is such an advantage and it gives you such reach if you learn to use it for the instrument that it is to create wealth for you, yours and also to change the lives of the people you contact with your service, product, opportunity.

Think strategically – Where are your people?

Where are the people you want to reach because they are somewhere on the internet and every day, more people are joining them.


Who can you connect with to get in front of their audiences?  There are people right now who have done the work of getting the attention of your prospects – Think about how you can leverage that.  Can you write for them on their blogs?  Can you write in their trade publications?  Can you pay them to get access to their audience?  Think about it.

Your people are right there, waiting to hear from you – How can you get their attention?


Again, this is one way to get in front of more people for a lot less cost than you would if you tried to reach the same number of people offline.  However, be very aware that this is a cold audience to start with so think through ideas to warm them up – Use a Facebook page to warm them up to who you are and what you do and then filter the right ones to your mailing list where you make the offer.

Or send them to an article on your blog/Medium/LinkedIn to warm them up to your way of thinking and then, get them onto your mailing list a little bit warmer than they currently are.


Your words will sell you.

Most entrepreneurs think that because they have something great to sell, prospects will automatically push down their door to buy it from them and then they get unpleasantly surprised when nothing much happens.

As explained earlier, the audience is cold.  You have to warm them up somehow and the best way these days is by creating content that hits the spot for the right people.  Remember this, there are 7 billion people on the planet, not everyone is your person – Some cannot even afford you but there really is enough of the right people to keep your business in profit unless you have chosen the most exotic product to sell.

So, let your writings, your videos, your audios, eBooks, speak on your behalf.  Show up powerfully as yourself in these things and let the right people respond.  Do not feel the need to be so generic that everyone ignores you because you are way too vanilla.  Instead, show your personality and let YOUR people choose to draw close to you.

Trust the process!

You cannot warm them up all at once but given enough time and exposure to what you are about, you will be surprised to see what starts to happen.

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Much Amazing Love 

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