Would you like to create wealth, every single day, in a way that feels good to you?

Would you like to wake up each morning, take a look at your bank balance and see that again, you have made some money without overly thinking about it, just by doing what comes naturally to you?

Are you someone with a lot to say, with a message, with a story that you know could help other people?  Yes, there is a part of you that thinks no one cares about your story but there is a deeper part that feels compelled to do something with your message anyway!  You have lived through some hard times and if you can support others in navigating away from this stuff WHILE building a successful business that makes you FEEL GOOD and provides for your family then WAHEY, YOU ARE IN!

And maybe you are fed up of having to do work that no longer makes you satisfied.

Yes, it pays the bills and yes, life is not that bad but NO, it no longer feels good and you just KNOW this is not what you are supposed to be doing anymore…

Would you like to learn how to use your strengths to make a difference whilst making a fortune for you and yours?

Hey, My name is Rosemary Nonny Knight and for a very long time, I dabbled at business, I had ideas but no follow-through because for the most part, I was ok.

I was a pharmacist, earning good money. I had trained hard to get there, I had the house, the car, the cleaner and surely, life was supposed to be good now, right?

However, there were parts of my life that really were not ok, like my debt (which ultimately led to bankruptcy), like the weird feeling I had in my chest that I was kinda settling for a life I did not actually like and the fact that I knew I had a story to tell and there were people who could potentially be served by hearing it.

I certainly understood what Henry David Thoreau meant when he said “Most Men lead lives of quiet desperation” because that is how I felt…

Thankfully , we fast forward a few years and life is completely different  – I no longer work as a pharmacist, I have replaced my income and found financial freedom, I spend my days with my home educated daughters (8,6,4 – not missing a minute of them growing up) and I continue to build my business using my strengths.  I am making a difference and a fortune doing what I want to do!

And now, I want to give you a few ideas on how you can make this a reality for you too.  So, over the next few days, you have access to this free masterclass.

6 Business Models That Give You Time And Financial Freedom While Utilizing Your Strengths – No More Compromising Who You Are To Suit Anyone Else – Make A Difference, Make A Fortune Doing Things That Make You Feel Good.


If you are someone who has a lot to say and wouldn’t mind building a business using your strengths to make money in a way that makes you feel good, then register to be on one of these calls (which are run at a range of times to accommodate all time zones) because any one of these masterclasses has the ability to open your mind to a whole new way of creating wealth.

So… if you are a determined entrepreneur (or ready to be one), who values time and financial freedom, someone who wants to make a difference and a fortune using your strengths and you are fed of downplaying you, fed up of feeling stuck in a situation that is ok but no longer suits then join me for half an hour as we go over 6 business models that will allow you to make money while you sleep in a business that feels good to you.

Register now in the box on this page and select a time & day that suits you.  If in the unlikely chance, you cannot find something to suit – Register for one anyway because you will have access to the replay only by registering – You can ask questions of me live on the replay, thanks to the wonders of  modern technology.

On this call, you will discover

–    What it feels like to have crystal clear clarity – Wake up your dreams and get a plan for making them real

–    How you can use your strengths to build a profitable business whether you have done this before, are currently doing business or about to start.

–    Business Models that enable you to spend all the time you want with your family while still providing a living

–    How to build a business free of any worry about what others think of you.

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