6 Steps To Start The Day Right – Creating Wealth The Mindful Way

Start the day right, create wealth

Some people lunge straight into the day, rushing from one activity to the next without stopping for breath.


From the moment they wake until the moment they drop to sleep, it is go, go, go but the thing is, that they are not getting anywhere quick.


They are still struggling to make any money

They are still finding it difficult to make ends meet

They live in a permanent bubble of chaos

They still wonder when their day will come

Their family is wondering if they will ever pay attention

Their health is really not great


And yet, from the moment they wake up, they are busy, busy, busy.

And you know what, building a business can be pretty busy but there are 2 kinds of busy – The one that moves you forward and the one that keeps you stuck in place running in circles.


Which kind of busy are you?


Do you take any time at the start of the day to get clear on what the outcome for each day needs to be? Or do you just plunge into it…


There are days when it feels like you have no choice but to do that but if your every day is always wake up, go, wake up, go then something is not quite right.


No one can function sensibly doing things like that.


What if you chose to get really clear, really really crystal clear on what you want your life to look like and you spent a few minutes each morning quietly going over your goals for the day, planning a few things that you want to make happen. Visualizing your life direction so that you understand how it all fits in.


What if you did that instead of just lunging straight into the day with no plan, thought or reflection?


Would you even know if what you are doing is getting any result, except for the niggling doubt & the lack of money in your bank? Would it not be best to reflect on what has happened and decide what needs to be tweaked in order to move you more strongly to your end result?


I am all for taking immense action each and every day but let’s live in greater awareness as well.


Doing for the sake of doing gets you nowhere.


So, stop that and start this instead.


  1. Wake up earlier than your household.
  2. Spend a few minutes reading something inspirational or meditating quietly. Let your brain become clear.
  3. Read through your goals – Visualise them as though they are happening now
  4. Then consider what your day needs to look like to take you closer.
  5. Decide what mindset you are going to need to take into the day. Who do you need to be to make today amazing? Have an avatar of that deliberately designed version of yourself, firmly planted in your mind so you can step into that person at any time.
  6. Start the day right.


And there you have it, become a mindful warrior leader – Fighting, fighting, fighting is great as long as you know what you are fighting for.  Start the Day Right!


Create the life you want, Stop living the one you don’t.


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