6 Mistakes People Make When Using Facebook Marketing

Facebook MArketing
Facebook marketing provides a cost-effective way to promote your business if you use it correctly.  We all make mistakes when building using social media platforms so here are a few fo the most common mistakes small business owners make and how you can rectify them so you start to make money with social media.


  1. They only promote their product

    This is a big one where you visit a Facebook page and there is nothing but product pictures from start to finish. No attempts are made to be social! It is social media after all so why do that?

    Make sure you are selling something about 20% of the time but the rest of the time, share other things of interest to your prospects.

  2. The Facebook Page Owner posts erratically

    Some business pages are not used regularly at all and if the owner of the page is not conscientious enough to do things regularly why should the people buying be?

    Determine instead to post regularly through each day. Not once a week or a month but daily!

  3. The Business Owner uses their personal profile to post business news

    Facebook will convert you into a page if you are not careful. It is okay to share things that are useful to people but to then use it to do business all the time is a recipe for disaster and also, for people disconnecting from you. For sure, share lifestyle items like you normally would but do not use it just because you can reach more of your friends and get them to buy your stuff, Give it enough time and Facebook will shut you down.

    Be professional – Use a page.

  4. The Business owner wants everything for free and gets angry with Facebook for changing algorithms…

    Sometimes, we forget that ultimately, Facebook is a business. It is not a charity. Someone has got to pay to keep the platform going and that someone is Zuckerberg and so he has to run it as a business. We do business on Facebook so expect to pay something to market your business. You are in business to make money, right? So why shouldn’t he be as well?

    At the moment, Facebook advertising is pretty cost-effective – I am sure it will become more and more pricey as more people use it but for now, track your numbers. If you are making more than you are spending then it is all well. Expect to have a learning budget – You will make mistakes but it is not the end of the world!

  5. The Business Owner does not respond to comments

    Why go to all that effort to get people on your page and then not communicate with them regularly. Engagement is the name of the game when social media is part of your strategy. Try to imagine what it was like ages ago, when people went to their local shops to buy household items. The shop keeper knew them and their families and made conversation with them. Your Facebook page can be just like that – A place for people to feel welcome and cared for.

    Respond to people, engage with your prospects, find out more about them and keep them coming back for more and referring you to their friends.

  6. Your whole business is completely dependent on Facebook

    Never let this be the case for you! You have no control over the platform so why be completely dependent on it.

    Now, the truth is, I do not think it is going anywhere but still, get people off the platform and into your own list so you can send them weekly newsletters showcasing your products and educating your buyers to buy from you. This way, whatever happens on Facebook, your business can still keep going.

Do you make any of these mistakes? What are you going to do to rectify them?

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