You ARE Called

Your vision IS your permission

You ARE capable of your calling

You ARE backed by the Divine

And it will still take…

✅ Persistence

✅ Resilience

✅ Tenacity

✅ Relentlessness

✅ Courage

✅ Consistency

✅ Mental toughness

WAY BEYOND what you thought you would need

WAY BEYOND anything you could ever have planned for

WAY BEYOND what any regular person would expect

…to achieve the uncommon success that you desire.

(This is why it is so uncommon 😃 )

On the journey to your grand vision, you will wonder if you are getting everything wrong

You will wonder if you are cut out for it

You will wonder if the Divine has deserted you

You will wonder if you need to clear some more limiting beliefs, heal some more of your childhood trauma, excavate your deepest darkest flaws because you will think that when you have done that, THEN you will finally be worthy enough of the easy wins everyone else seems to be getting…

And if you buy into that, you will make your journey take longer because you would have shifted your focus to healing, rather than building your vision.

Yes, do whatever self-care, healing work you need or want to do but DO NOT STOP taking the daily, business building steps you need to take to grow your business vision.

FOCUS on what you truly desire and take action towards it EVERY SINGLE DAY

No matter what you feel like

No matter who wants your attention

No matter the many distracting pulls on you

NO MATTER the crazy thoughts that go through your mind


This will be the simplest thing to do and yet, the HARDEST thing to do when you are in the throes of emotional turmoil

And yet, take a moment right now to see that goal of yours in your mind’s eye

Write it out

Speak it to yourself

Revel in the wonder of finally being there even before you are physically there…

And from that mountaintop, tell me, IS IT WORTH IT?


Is the message you carry in your heart WORTH IT?

Are your people, the ones you are called to serve, worth it?

Is your family and the generations you will be an example for, are they worth it?

If yes…

Take the next step

Keep moving forward

You got this.

You will figure it out.

Your vision is your permission

You are capable of your calling.

You are worthy of the very best of everything.

Let’s go.

I can help.

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