Recently, my techy hubby got us a chrome cast (At least, I think that is what it is called?) – It is a little device that you attach to a HDMI port on your TV and then you can ‘cast’ things at the TV from your phone or PC.

I am still getting my head around it.  I do not always take to new gadgets as it all just takes up room in my head and I would rather keep my mind for more important things than the ever-increasing technology options.

Anyway, I woke up at about 2am this morning thinking about casting…

Papa was teaching/reminding me about how peeps cast their abundance away from them by following a few deadly thought patterns…

Here they are…


I always find this a weird one to explain but it is what it is.

If you keep wanting things, then you stay wanting things.

Odd, I know.

And yet, we are on a faith walk whether you like it or not.

In order to manifest anything physically, it needs to be a done deal that you HAVE the thing in your mind and heart. AS Jesus said “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.”

Note he did not say “I want you to move from here to there” – YOu simply assume it is moved or moving – That is faith.

So, wandering around thinking, praying and talking about all the things you want simply tells the universe that you believe it is out there, away from you and that you are content to keep wanting it.


I catch myself with this one now.  I used to always talk about the things that I want.  When I went to pray, I would mention all the things I wanted.  I wanted this and that and the other thing.  And really, the only signal I was giving out was ‘wanting’.  All my prayers were begging and pleading for the things I wanted.

For one, the fact that I wanted something, did not always mean I took action to get that something…

And also, wanting something means you do not have something right now.

And you keep creating whatever you believe yourself to be now.

The only times, I got anything were the times when I Assumed the thing was already done and was thankful for it and acting as though it was a done deal – That worked every single time.

WHAT TO DO: Claim whatever you want to be present now – I am, I have, I do – State things as done and be thankful for them.  Hold the vision and the faith until the physical manifestation.


Man, this is a killer of all dreams.

Carrying on from the last point, complaining affirms a belief in lack of the thing you desire.  As well as being a horrid energy drain for you and for everyone who has to listen to you!

It also makes you a victim of the thing you are complaining about and VICTIMS NEVER WIN! They just get more things to complain about.

WHAT TO DO: Put yourself on a complaint fast – At least 21 days straight with no complaints and start again, every time you catch yourself giving in.

Speak ONLY life!

And yes, I can hear someone saying that it is impossible not to complain and that it is a normal human thing to do – OK, well, you get to have an average human experience of life then.

Or simply choose to stop complaining, even if it is harder done than said.  You will not get any better at it by complaining about NOT complaining!!!


Sometimes, we seek to sabotage our own awesome selves by setting goals that are way bigger than our current belief ability.  If you have never made a dime in your own business, why would you set a goal to make $10 million the first year. If you have not written 1000 words a day, why would you set a target of 10k words every single day, starting tomorrow?

Now, I am not saying it is impossible and if you have been brought up seeing 10 million here, there and everywhere then this would be totally believable and achievable for you.

However, if it is not your norm, STOP SCARING YOURSELF SILLY

You do not believe it and so you will NEVER get it and you may not even get the first step of it because you may scare yourself away from taking any steps because it all seems too unbelievable.

Now, this does not mean think small.

Think of a first step that is a stretch but not so much of a stretch that you just cannot make yourself believe it and then as you do the smaller thing, move to the next thing then the next and so on.

Or reframe the goal.  For example, my biggest money goals always seem way out there but when I think of it in terms of people served, it always seems more achievable and I know that as I serve the people, then the money will flow so I can just focus on reaching the people I feel called to.  That feels more believable.


I have gone through many phases where I thought spirituality, though important to me, was also just for the weak. I felt full of my own ideas of what should work and how to do it.  I prided myself on being super-practical and strategic and still do.

However, it is the still small voice that makes magic and I want magic along this journey.

If I wanted to remain limited as a pharmacist then I could simply live from my experience.

I chose to live to my true design and who knows my true design better than Papa.  I got over my pride and started listening to my intuition.  Things changed faster for the better.  No, it was not always a hunky-dory journey.  Some days, I have wondered if I was simply deluded following my intuition and I have been tempted to go back to just doing what seemed sensible based on my experience.  It never allows me to elevate though.

I stay small when I do that so I stopped.

WHAT TO DO: Cultivate an intimate relationship with your higher power and actually listen then act on what you hear.  Handle any resistance you have to this, if you are serious about living a wide open-space life.


Another area that I thought was reserved for the weak.  Oh HOW MISTAKEN I was and how much time did I waste trying to pretend that I had no internal nonsense holding me back.

I see strong people doing this all the time.  Pretending they have it all together because others look up to them and so they choose to stay stuck in place, rather than face their internal nonsense, heal it so that they catapult themselves to a higher plane of existence.

WHAT TO DO:  Face your internal nonsense.  Work with me in the DSI to eliminate it all so that you are powering forward confidently


This is a difficult one if you are currently living JUST within your budget or worse, living outside of it! You want to experience abundance but you also want to hoard all you have because you are trying to be wise or something.  Except the signal you are giving out to the universe is that you are in lack and you believe that lack is all there is.

You must have an outlet for what comes in and usually, you must have that outlet before you get an in-flow.  By giving to things that have nourished you in some way or supporting charities that you believe in and giving just for the sake of giving (time, money, energy), you are signalling that you believe there is more where your time, money, energy came from and so there is no need to hoard.  YOu can be a generous giver when you know you are living in an abundant universe.

You cannot when you think you are living in a lack-filled, hostile universe.

Where would you rather live?


6 Deadly ways of thinking, acting, being that will keep you stuck in a life that is beneath your potential and it holds abundance away from you.

Time for change.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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