The 6 Characteristics of A Successful Positive Mental Attitude

Ready to start the journey towards having a more positive mental attitude?  Too many people live in a permanent state of poor self-belief and this can be the cause of a lack of total success.

Sow your seeds of success, Positive Mental Attitude

As Arianna Huffington brought to our attention, Success is more than just money and power.  Success may be more than just money and power but without a positive mental attitude, it becomes incredibly difficult to achieve it.  Here are six characteristics to develop.  Work on them daily.

Positive Mental Attitude

  1. Inside Motivation

    What are you aiming for?  or even what are you getting away from?  To develop a strong & positive mental attitude, you must have something you are working towards or getting away from or both.

    Take the time to figure out what you hate and no longer want and then figure out what you would like life to really be like and write it down.  Now start to take the actions towards it.

  2. Higher Standards

    Start to demand the best from yourself.  Yes, it can be demoralising to realise that you are not where you want to be yet.  Or even that you continually leave yourself in positions of weakness but as you start to move in the right direction and use the other four characteristics, things WILL change.

  3. Break Down Goals

    Yes, looking at the whole big picture of where you want to be may be pretty overwhelming so break it down, right down until you can do the next step.

    Focusing just on the next step until it is achieved can be pretty satisfying and it is certainly less overwhelming.  Remember the idea here is to develop a positive mental attitude, not bog you down with unattainable goals.  So start where you are and do 3 push-ups today instead of the 2 of yesterday, knowing that even this small step will finally get you to the 100 you are working towards.

  4. Be Mindful & Visionary

    Stay in the present moment, taking the very next little step towards your goal. Feel it, celebrate it, be mindful and aware of it.  You are taking action.

    At the same time, remain visionary about where each step is getting you to.  You need to be able to combine both present mindfulness with future vision.

  5. Personal Participation

    We live in a world where over 90% of people want others to do the heavy lifting for them.  And the truth is, this is a weak way of living.  You have to be 100% involved in getting where you want to go. You have to take 100% responsibility for it.

    As a personal coach, I always say to clients that I cannot want their goal more than they do.  They have to want it, they have to take the action we discuss and they have to work actively with me.  Coaching certainly is not therapy – It is only for the strong of mind and will.

  6. Be YOUR Best

    To get and maintain a positive mental attitude, this final characteristic is pretty important.  We have all been trained to compare self to others and we usually come up wanting.  This leads us to feel permanently insufficient.  Needless to say, this is not a great way to live.

    The key here is only to compare yourself to yourself.  How much better today are you than you were yesterday?  That is the important question.

These 6 characteristics work together to help you develop a strong successful, positive mental attitude.

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