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Honey, I see you!

I literally see you!

I see the big dream, the struggle, the determination, the overwhelm, the high hopes, the nonsense, the exhilaration, the busyness, the desire and the uncertainty…

So much going on under the surface!

And I see it all…

I see you trying to carve out your path in the middle of the noise…

Trying to convince yourself that you are allowed to want what you want…

Trying to show up in the marketplace and do the work…

Trying to get people to notice you and how you can help them…

But, at the moment, some thing, LOTS OF THINGS, are just not working…

And you wish and you wonder and you wait and you try not to resent all the people for not noticing you, for not seeing just how awesome your thing is…

You are feeling a little shameful because you have made promises to your family about how it is all going to change and you are going to bringing in the money and yet, YET! YOU ARE STILL NOT THERE…

You wonder if you are even on the right path for you or whether you should just stick with the current unfulfilling path you are on…

Better the devil you know, right?!

And yet, there is a yearning and a deep desire to have things work out the way you see it in your mind’s eye…

You do want it all…

You want to feel loved…

You want to be rich…

You want to feel connected with source…

You want to be free to work when you want, with people you want to work with, from wherever you want to work from…

You want to enjoy sex and be a charismatic, self-assured leader…

And most of all, right now, You want a business that fulfills you and makes lots of money so you never have to worry about money again…

One that you will never want to retire from because IT JUST FITS…

With customers, clients, recruits coming from everywhere seeking to buy anything and everything from you…

And you are ready for your ONE-DAY to be TODAY!

Yes, Leader, I see you and I got you…

I have put this brand new program together for you!


5Cs For Online Business Profits

The 5 Week Biz Bootcamp To Make More Money Online & Be The Unleashed, Charismatic Leader You Are BORN To Be, Attracting Customers, Clients, Recruits More Easily Than Ever Before!

You Have Always Been A Revolutionary (5)

  • You will get clarity on what exactly you need to do each and every day to double, triple and 10x the income from your online business

  • You will learn how to do the work in just 90 minutes a day so that you can fit it all in, regardless of how busy your current experience of life is…

  • You will step up and be the superhero you have always dreamt that you were capable of being as you call in your customers, clients, recruits without all the doubt and fear of the past…

  • You will become a lot more self-aware and self-assured so that you show up in the marketplace confidently daily..

  • You will learn how to transfer the skills from your current profession where you have found some success into the business that you know you are born to create.

  • You will learn the ONLY activities you need to be involved in to get massive results in double-quick time…

  • You will have access to me in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track group as you take advantage of your BONUS 5 weeks in group

  • You will jump on the phone with me for 5 group coaching calls with the other DM Gold members and get all your questions answered so you are not trapped, feeling overwhelmed…

  • You will take part in the daily livestreams, if you choose and get motivated and inspired to do the work to win in business…

  • You will learn how to use more of your intuition to come up with content ideas without feeling like you are having to pull water from a stone…

  • You will learn how to use advertising to get results the fast way…

  • You will learn and implement the 5C strategy that will detail a step-by-step plan of attack for you to start getting results in your business fast…

  • You will see that though others offer the same stuff as you, no one is quite like you in the marketplace!  You will learn how to show up powerfully and charismatically as the leader, the warrior you truly are and then you will be unbeatable

  • You will learn to own all of you, including your sexual energy so that you do feel on, energized and it shows up in the marketplace.  Your perfect crowd will be drawn to that energy, attracted likes bees to honey as you show up as the leader you are born to be!

  • You will start having fun in your business, rather than seeing it all as a hard slog to be undergone in order to get the life you want.  Your business will become something you never ever want to retire from because it will be an extension of you!

  • You will give up all the guilt and shame you feel when you want to focus on building your own business.  At the moment, you are building up so many other people’s agendas and it is getting pretty annoying when you consider that yours is still undone.  This program will help you end that!

  • You will tap fully into the ‘BECAUSE I WANT TO’ Uprising so that the desire within you will cause you to trample down any obstacles.  It will be a fire burning within that you just cannot help but let it overflow into result-achieving work.  Suddenly, you will not feel confused about how to spend your limited time, you will know because you will own what you want

  • You will get bulletproof confidence so that again, you show up and people are drawn to that confidence as it shines through.  You will start to get messages from people asking you how to work with you.  They will hand over their phone numbers to you and suddenly the struggles will cease because you will become the hunted rather than always hunting!

Leader, are you ready for all the above and much more?

Read on, let me tell you more!

You Have Always Been A Revolutionary

So how is it going to work?

5 Weeks To Grow Your $5k Business Using The 5 C Strategy!


And it all starts on Friday 25th June!

I will deliver the training to your inbox and then, each week of the program, you will join with the DMS for Q and A so that you can pick my brain for as long as you like to get actionable strategies for you.

You will have access to the training for life…

The 5 live calls will happen over a 6 week period (so you get a bonus week) as you join in with the 3 calls a month that DM Gold Members get…

There will be worksheets and templates to accompany the training so that you can easily apply everything you learn.

You Have Always Been A Revolutionary (9)BONUS For The Next 20 people – You will have a 30 minute session with me and you will leave with crystal clear clarity on your plan to impact and make millions.  You will understand what obstacles stand in your path and you will leave with a next step plan that will up-level your online business in a lot less time then if you tried to do this alone. (Worth $199)  AND you will also have 9 weeks FREE in the Deliberate Millionaire

Bonus For Everyone: 5 WEEKS FREE in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track group where you can get daily support as you put together the pieces of your business and accelerate its success in our 5 weeks together.

Bonus For Everyone: The Business Hero Bootcamp is available immediately free.  This program will give you a step by step, day-by-day plan for growing your offline or online business taking you from business zero to business hero in just 49 days!

So, if you are a leader who wants to make your first $5k a month in your own online business then work with me for five weeks in the 5Cs For Online Business Profits Bootcamp to build a $5k Plus Business & Be The Unleashed, Charismatic Leader You Are BORN To Be, Attracting Customers, Clients, Recruits More Easily Than Ever Before!

Yes, RosemaryLet Me In!!

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Or Click Here To Pay Via Payment Plan with 5 SUPER LOW Payments

You Have Always Been A Revolutionary (7)DSC_6793EditHeya!  I am Rosemary and the reason why I see you is because I was you for the longest time! Dreams, visions, big plans all laid down in the face of the obvious responsibilities of my life…

I even felt a little like a noble warrior, sacrificing myself for the tribe!  And ok, it was not all that bad a sacrifice…

After all, I was a pharmacist with a regular, good wage…

I had a house I owned…

I had 2 cars and a cleaner!

What more could a girl want or need?

From the outside, I was doing okay!

But on the inside, I knew I wanted more…

I KNEW I was born for more!

But I kept waiting until I went bankrupt and got depressed for being a failure!

And STILL I buried my head in the sand and finally, I choose ME!

I chose to follow my dreams with the help of my coach and I replaced my pharmacist income in my first business as a real estate lady and then in this business as I supported other in making the transition as well.

Leader, you are born for more, much more than you are experiencing now and it is my mandate to teach you everything I know about quickly scaling up an online business to at least $5k a month each and every single month.

Join me, work with me for 5 weeks, learn the 5C strategy for accelerated online success, build a $5k business rapidly and design a fulfilling, profitable online business which enables you to make and impact millions.

It is your time!  Click one of the button below to make your purchase and get access to the 5 week bootcamp & one of those bonuses NOW!

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Click Here To Pay Via Payment Plan with 5 SUPER LOW Payments


You Have Always Been A Revolutionary (11)

Communication & Connection

How to use your words to move people and get them to take the action you want them to take in today’s social marketplace.  Everyone wants to connect with someone and unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are trying hard to hide behind fancy branding while others are worried that their branding is not enough.  All the while, your people, your perfect audience, the ones you are called to serve are waiting for someone with heart to show up and lead!

Will that be you?

Or will you be a NORM?

I will show you the various ways to connect, to communicate, to build solid relationships with the customers, clients, recruits.

I will teach you to tap into intuition, get limitless content ideas that will speak right to the heart of your person.

I will teach you how to define your person and use your natural personality and charisma to make people respond to you!

2. Capture

You need to start capturing people like a fisherman.  Now you have their attention, KEEP IT.

Start building that mailing list.  On average, if you want to start making $5k a month online, you need to have 5000 people on your list.  Yes, the number may seem huge if you have not yet even started building a list but that is why we are working together, right?

I will teach you how to get a measly 15 people a day on your list – Calculate it… Where will you be in a year if you do that?

I will teach you to build your Facebook page to 5ooo people or more

I will show you how to set up a landing page

I will teach you how to decide on a lead magnet

I will teach you how to get it all up and running smoothly

No more uncertainty and overwhelm – Let’s get this done and start attracting all those customers, clients, recruits NOW!

3. Close

Let me show you sales strategies that work to get the sale!

How to use email marketing to get results…

A sales letter formula that works…

How to follow-up personally with people online

Various Launch sequences to help you get your products, services, music, books, art, ministry out.

How to mange your emotions around making the offer and the sale.

4. Confidence

Without this, you are dead in the water.  Let’s get your self-esteem issues handled.  We will look at sexuality, spirituality, your past story and more to ensure you have unstoppable, unshakeable confidence to deal with any situation that may arise in the growth of your business.

I will teach you how to deliver your real message, rather than a watered-down version

I will teach you to tap into the power of your sexuality to present yourself in the market as a more powerful, charismatic leader that gets attention and makes sales.

You will learn how to feel good about yourself by tapping into source and realising that all of you is accepted…

Your past story will stop being a hindrance and instead it will be something that propels you forward powerfully!

You will surprise yourself when you realise just how much you have been keeping hidden beneath the surface.

5. Consistency

Every thing else mentioned above FALLS DOWN without this final C – You can know everything there is to know about anything and without taking action persistently and consistently, you will fail.  It is as simple as that!  I will give you powerful strategies to overcome the normal human trait of inconsistency and whatever your problem has been in the past with this, that will be dissolved now in the light of these new strategies.

Leader, it is your time to win.

No more doubt and procrastination.

I am opening the vault to the most current information on winning as a leader-entrepreneur in the social media arena – Jump on board NOW!

So, again, if you are that leader ready to make more money online while impacting more people and showing up as a charismatic, powerful leader in the marketplace, easily drawing customers, clients, recruits to you online then click one of the options below and let us get started!

Yes, RosemaryLet Me In!!

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