500 Likes! Woohoo!


Yesterday, I woke up to the fact that the page had hit 500 likes!!


Thank you for being on this journey with me – My goal is for YOU to create wealth in all areas of your life.

Why is this big to me?  Let me explain…

Some of you know already that I moved away from the 10000 strong Mum in Business Page (all attracted – no ‘likes’ bought in bulk from Fiverr, in case you wondered!).  it was a huge step for me, one that I had been dithering about for a while because I knew it did not represent who I was any longer.

Yes, I am a mum in business but that is just a part of my role.  The page/blog began when I started in property as a chronicle of my journey to successful business – I figured if I could do it, then anyone could and yes, I have worked with private clients and that has become their story.  They HAVE done it.

As your business evolves, as you evolve into the leader that you really are, you will find that things that used to fit nicely begin to feel like a tight, horrid fit and that is how Mum in Business began to feel but I wanted the numbers, I loved the social proof 😀 so I stuck with it until one day, I said ‘ENOUGH!’ and incidentally, it was on the day we hit 10,0000!

So, yes, it felt slightly tough but I knew it was part of my evolution as a leader and as a warrior. I had to become more ‘ME’ in order to serve ‘YOU’ better.  Whilst I hold on to my past, I hinder my ability to be all I am and to serve you fully.

Now, as part of this evolution, I am creating more space in various ways for people, for WARRIORS to really step up their game.

1.  The Wealthy Warrior Alliance allows me to serve you in a cost effective way – The training in this alliance – I paid thousands for – You get it for a lot less because I want you to succeed – I will tell you why at the end.

2 – The League Of Warriors is for those ready to really step it up a gear – Just 4/5 to a group meeting up online, offline once a month and in between support – Brainstorming together, challenging each other, dealing with their stuff, exponentially increasing their overall wealth.

3. The 42 day ‘Rapid Change’ Program is also available if you want more of a private one on one experience.  Health / Wealth / Relationships / Business Growth

4 – The FREE weekly calls will continue and started this week with a call on goal setting, next week, we have the habits of the rich.

And of course, there is the page where each day, I choose to speak life into you as you go about your day.


I want you to succeed because I truly believe that the world needs successful, wealthy warriors to go out there and change things.  We are the saviours of this planet.

We save it for ourselves and for our kids and their kids.

Too many times, we diminish who we are and what we are capable of and the truth is that inside of you is incredible, immeasurable, unlimited power.  Inside you are great ideas, great innovative ways to tap into the abundance of the world in which we live and whether I am selfish or not – You BEING THE INCREDIBLE YOU THAT YOU ARE, makes my life and that of my kids, better.

So, yes, I say to you, come with me on this journey, choose yourself, choose your family, choose your community and together we can change the world.

As part of this happy celebration, I want to make an invitation to you – Is there something you would really like to make happen before the end of the year?

Maybe, deepen your relationships, grow/ start your business, get to a healthier weight, work better in your team, ask for a raise, overcome guilt or something else.

For the next 10 days, I have a few slots for a no-obligation, complementary (i.e. Free) ‘Rapid Change’ strategy Session and I would love to invite you to take part.

In the session, we will work together to

  1. create clarity about what you want, where you are now and how to bridge the gap

  2. reveal any challenges or roadblocks slowing you down or getting in the way of you making a change that lasts

  3. ensure you leave the session feeling re-energized, motivated and inspired to move forward fiercely and achieve the change you want – once and for all.

 If you’d like to take advantage of this very special and totally FREE 30 – 45 minute “Rapid Change” coaching session, send me a message info @ rosemarynonnyknight.com

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