5 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts & Get The Attention You Deserve

By July 28, 2015April 28th, 2020Entrepreneur, Marketing

Promote blog posts

You have a blog and you have been cranking out the blog posts week after week and you still don’t seem to be getting the traffic you want. A lot of people think that if they create the content then people will find them but the truth is, the search engines are inundated with content that all wants promoting so you cannot afford to wait for them to discover you. Realize that creating the content is just one part of the process. You need to also promote the content or else no one else will see it.

Here are three ways to promote your blog posts and get more people’s eyeballs on your content.

1. Send An Email To Your Subscriber Base

Firstly, tell the people in your world who have chosen to be in your community. Send out an email telling them about your new content and instead of sharing it all in the email, ask them to pop over to the website, read the content there and share it with the people in their world.

Make sure you ask them to share it and like it as people do need to be told exactly what to do. Never assume that they will do it without your clear instructions telling them exactly what you would like them to do.

2. Promote it onto your Social Media Platforms

There are lots of social media platforms out there and the best place for you is the one where your prospects are. You can get lots of traffic to your blog posts from Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope and a whole lot more people.

The idea here is to realize that this is social media so do not expect to offer nothing of value and get value back. Make sure the content of your blog posts is exceptional and something that people will want to share to the people in their world.

And again, ask them for the share or re-tweet.

3. Use Pay Per Click Ads

You do not have to stop at promoting the content in an organic way, you can also pay to have eyeballs on your content. If you have created an informative, educational, inspirational or entertaining piece of content then you must do whatever you can to get people to look at it and take a business building action as a result.

Do not be shy about promoting relevant bits of your business. Pay per click advertising on places like Facebook and Google get new people into your world and that starts to grow your business faster than you can alone.

4. Ask other Bloggers for help

If your post is epic, then send a personal email to bloggers in your industry asking them to take a look at it. You may then get a whole lot more traffic from them that way if they share it on their platforms.

Again, do not let fear stop you from doing whatever it takes to get eyeballs on your content.

5. Join Social media groups

Facebook groups as well as LinkedIn groups are great for sharing your content pieces with the world. Again, start by adding value to the group before asking for their assistance in spreading your word around. People feel spammed if all you do is share your content and you feel uncomfortable about it. Add a little time into your schedule for engaging with other people in groups.

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