5 Ways To Do Some Marketing When You Are On A Shoestring Budget

Most people think that starting out in business is pretty expensive and so they hold back because they doubt their ability to fund it. However, there are ways and means to start on a shoestring budget. And here are a few ideas for you…


  1. Go where your prospects are in great number and tell them what you do.

    So, you don’t have cash. Take some time to figure out who your ideal customers are and then decide where you think they will be and take some time to go and see them where they are in great number. Think Meet up groups, think low-cost networking events, set up your own networking events and invite people to your event. Keep it low cost and use a community funded room or a room in a local restaurant where they are willing to allow you bring people to the restaurant as long as your prospects buy something.

    Have a mini-speech prepared which tells people exactly how they can benefit from working with you and collect business cards from anyone that seems interested in speaking to you again.

  1. Set up an email marketing campaign

    Sending emails are fairly low-cost. Most customer relationship management systems provide a 30 day trial period. Set yourself a goal to make money from the people on your list within that first 30 days and your business becomes self-funding in the first month. It is incredibly surprising what you can do when you set your mind to it. So, set your mind like flint to make things happen very quickly in your business.

  2. Take full advantage of social media

    We live in an incredibly acceisble age where we can reach anyone at no cost whatsoever. You could use Linkedin to search for and connect with a vast number of people and then you could invite them to your event or be where they are.

    Same goes for Facebook and Twitter and all the other social media platforms. And in this day and age, people are less private so you can make contact with them. Please do not sell immediately but you can build a relationship for free.

    Also, when you meet people on your outings, you can connect with them on social media based on the business card information you have collected.

    There are innumerable groups that you can join on social media where your prospects may also be hanging out and once you have connected with them in group, then you may find them more willing ot make contacts away from the group.  Use your imagination to come up with a range of ideas that will get you the result you want.

Understand that when you are low on cash then the chances are that you will need to use a lot of legwork to create massive results. And this is not impossible for you to do at all.

Lots of my clients start out with very little income but because they choose to stay on course, it is surprising what they get done because they are determined to and yes, I do keep them revved up.


Go on, think outside the box, explore this site and see what ideas you come up with. Nothing stands in your way except you.


And if you are ready to step your game up and stop giving reasons why you are not doing what you want to do in your business yet, then take a look at the Make Stuff Happen Program and ask for a complementary conversation to see if it is suitable for you.

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