5 Ways To Approach people fearlessly

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Starting your network marketing business is a blend of exciting and nerve-wracking. You see the potential and that excites you no end but there are obstacles to overcome first.

The biggest obstacles is approaching people. How can you do this fearlessly? How can you become that super recruiter you hear about constantly?

Here are 5 ideas for you…

1. Think about what they want

Most people start conversations trying to get what they want out of another person. Of course, you will find this difficult.

IF you have an ounce of kindness within you, that approach will make you feel far too mercenary. So, instead of focusing on what you want out of another person, instead think what they would want from you. Consider your business opportunity and how it can help them. Change your thinking from ‘How can I get them to join?’ to ‘What do they want that my business opportunity can help them to fulfill?”

And then when you have a solid list of ideas, go fearlessly into conversations with people everywhere knowing that you are able to support them if they want what you have.

2. Be A Friend

Yes, you are in business to create wealth for you and your family, but that does ot mean that you lead all human interaction with telling prospects about your business. This puts people off and you will find them putting the walls up. Even old friends will not enjoy this approach from you for long. Relationships are like a bank account – If you continually withdraw, the bank will finally cut you off. Before you can withdraw from a relationship, put something into it. Most people approach their prospects with a withdrawal attitude and they feel bad about it and most importantly, the prospect feels annoyed as well.

Instead approach people fearlessly with friendship first and then stay in their life long enough to be able to offer them solutions.

3. Recognise The Value Of What You Have

When you start out in network marketing or MLM, you may not forget the value of what you have. You joined the company because you saw the value but then the moment you have to approach someone else with it, you forget. Take time each day to remind yourself of the value of what you offer the world.

Think of the products you have on offer; what are the benefits to your prospects?

Think of the business opportunity; write out the benefits of that.

Make it internal and each day, build up your confidence about what you have to offer. Even though you are not currently successful yet, you know that you can support others to be successful because the truth is, all you need to do is stick with them until they are. There is no magic to building a network marketing, there is just persistence and if you can help people stay persistent then you can help them succeed.

And if you help enough people stay persistent, you too will start to see the success that you want in your business.

4. Understand that You Are In This For The Long Haul

You are in business! Never forget that. This MLM opportunity of yours is not a ‘fly by night’ operation and so do not approach it as such. Do not let your initial desperation cloud your judgment.

As you recognize that you have to support people to stay persistent, understand that you have to follow that advice as well. You cannot lose courage because you are nervous today. Given enough time and practice, you will grow in confidence but there is no shortcut. There is just inner determination to stay on course and continually approach people whether you feel scared or not. There is no magic here.

Each day, set yourself a goal of 3 people to approach and when that becomes easy, build up to four and then five and then more.

If you do not get it right one day, that does not mean all is lost. It just means that you pep talk yourself for the next day.

5. Implement strategies that you can do consistently

Remember that there is more than one way to get a result. If you find approaching people nerve-wracking, find another method that works better for you and consistently implement it.

There are online strategies that work really well now so why not consider using those? You will always find it easier to duplicate what comes a bit more naturally to you. And remember MLM is all about duplication.

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