Sometimes, we take things for granted…

We get so used to living the way we always have that we get passive…

We stop placing value on the important things and we get carried away by the not-so-important things…

We get pulled along by the urgent and we become reactive machines, rather than people deliberately designing life, creators.

And then we experience burn out, stress, anxiety.

We get off path and struggle to find our way back.

Tell me which of these have you forgotten to value recently


Do you find yourself forgetting that you once had a dream of what your life would be? Maybe, life has been so hectic recently with demands coming at you from every angle and you have started to forget what you desire out of life and you are just going along with the flow.

Make time to write out your vision again.

Make time to dream again.

For every area of your life, write down what you desire to bring to life and start valuing your ability to deliberately design a life that actually makes you happy.


This follow on from the last point, I do believe that part of your vision will include your contribution to the planet.  You may start to think that you are not all that relevant to the continual turning of the planet but you are mistaken.  Yes, the planet will continue to turn whether you choose to show up fully or not but its evolution is slowed down when you do not contribute your part to the planet.

There is something that only you can do and this is not about whether it is a big or small thing (who assesses that, anyway?) – It is simply that you must realise that no mistake was made when you were born with your specific vision of life.  Just choose to boldly be you and that is enough.

THAT IS YOUR CONTRIBUTION – You, being you, in all your fullness.


This is your opportunity to get back in touch with yourself, to get back in touch with your higher power and to distil out next steps for you.

Daily time alone is critical if you will live a life of deliberate design and step into happiness.  Again, if all you are doing is responding to demands then you start to feel pulled and pushed and shoved and helpless and YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS.

Take time out EVERY DAY to be by yourself, with your journal.  Write out your feelings, remember what you desire, connect with Source.


As much as you need time alone, you also need time with people you love – family, friends, colleagues.  These are people that can bring great joy to your life.  Take some time daily to hang out with them.

And be present.


Your body is the vehicle through which you live out the calling/vision.  If you do not take teh time to care for your body then you will find that your energy is low, you feel uninspired and creativity will be at an all time low.

A little bit of exercise daily can make a difference. Make it fun for you.  or just simply commit to something that you can easily do.

Check what you are eating.  I recently completed a sugar fast because I noticed I was getting way too addicted to sugar.  I took back control in that area of my life and felt incredibly powerful as a result.  I realised that I could do it.  What could you give up for a short time?  What could you add to your diet to make sure you are strengthening yourself.  If you value your contribution on this planet, you need to allow your body to thrive so that it goes the distance.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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