It took me a while to get going with this post – My fingers felt wooden as I tried to form the words.  I wanted to write something deep and meaningful, something that would touch hearts, convert the world to the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE pathway and make you prosperous in three seconds…

And the idea I had for this post, seemed too woo-woo and weak.  After wasting time overthinking, Finally, I surrendered to the idea and realised I had simply been falling foul of number 2 and number 4.

Hey ho…

We live, we learn.


Are you in a rut?

Are you trying desperately to hold onto the way life was, even though you know that life was really not all that great?  Are you trying to hold desperately to an image of the world where everyone has relationships offline when it is obvious that the world is combining off and online relationships?  Are you desperately trying to hold onto work that does not fulfil you but hey, it has always paid the bills and so you think you have to keep doing it?  Even though you can see the signs that work as you have known it, is being taken over by cheaper (people elsewhere) and also by faster (robots)?

If you are going to prosper this year, you are going to need to let go of the rut and venture out into the new world that is being created right in front of you.  Stop being stuck-in-the-mud.  Yes, it is a little scary but you can handle it.  Change is not a bad thing.  Change does not mean everyone and everything is going to hell.  So many opportunities are being created for you to live to the fullness of your potential but it will require that you let go of the old ways of doing things and rise UP to the challenge of the new.


There is a part of you that worries that you are too much and so you allow yourself to be tamed.  You allow yourself to stay in relationships and work situations where you feel powerless.   You think that if people really see you or if you really truly own all of you, then you will be alone.  Or you have some other fear of being powerful.  You then try to blend in and be the same as everyone.  You spend so much time comparing yourself to other people and this keeps you from your true power.

And yet, it is your power that will bring you to prosperity this year.


The life you want to create is going to be formed by you forging your own path and you need to be powerful in order to make that happen.


Lets be honest, though you are a hard worker, you also would like to be lazy and there is a fear in you that to go after your true desires will take way too much hard work and so it seems easier to stay stuck than it does to forge ahead.

Procrastination has become a close friend and it is time to shake that off.  Procrastination has its place but not when you are allowing it to keep you from your destiny.

Do you not see that living a prosperous life in all areas will be the easiest thing ever because you will now be living to your true design?

Dare to follow those intuitive nudges that seek to point you in the direction of a life that will bring you the most happiness and joy.  It will not be too much unless you keep holding on to your past way of thinking.


You think that the idea of following your true design is unreal.  And you pride yourself on being very practical and down-to-earth.  As much as you dream of living a prosperous life this year, there is a part of you that thinks that it is just too unreal to expect to be able to only do what you love to do and still be able to take care of your responsibilities.  The problem with this thinking is that you do not give yourself a chance to try.

You are convinced that it is not practical and so you make it true by never trying anything different.  What if you are wrong?  What if you get to the end of your life and realise that you had many, many opportunities to live to your true design and still take care of your responsibilities?

Give yourself a chance!


No one would call themselves a people pleaser and yet, one of the MAIN reasons why most people will not experience true prosperity is simply because they are scared of losing face.  They will not do anything that has even the slight chance of being ridiculed by their peers.

That is people pleasing.  And it is a killer of dreams.  People put on fronts of perfection for other people who are putting on fronts of perfection for THEM!  Behind all the fronts is a deep sadness that this is all there is.


Break free from the nonsense, my dear.  You get one life and no one remembers your mistakes or your triumphs for long because everyone is way too busy trying to keep their own shield up.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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