Some days, it is hard to not see the fact that you are not quite where you think you should be…

You start to think that this is a permanent state of affairs…

And if you are like a norm, you make it so because you stop taking action, you start navel-gazing and you start doubting everything about you and your worth…

Next thing you know, it really is a permanent state of affairs because, honey, you made it so.

What if, you did not act like a ‘norm’ and instead you got pretty determined to create the life and the business you want…

It takes the same amount of energy, you know?  Whether you choose to believe or you choose not to believe, it is the same amount of energy placed in an empowering place or a dis-empowering place!  I know what I choose each and every day.

So, lets look at some empowering places to come from when choosing to create a life you absolutely adore…

1. I AM Enough

For the longest time, i thought I had to jump through this hoop or that hoop before I would be enough to get mine.  I would follow along with other people’s plans for me, thinking that I had to pay my dues in some way instead of seeing that everything I needed was already here, already within me and all I needed to do was start putting that ‘enoughness’ out in the world.


That is all you need to do right now.  No point looking at the past and thinking about where your enoughness comes from, just be enough, right now. And act from that.

Ask yourself “If I am enough right now, how would I like to share that with the world now?”  then take action on what comes to mind.

Keep it that simple.

2. Me getting mine does not stop anyone else getting theirs

Do you really believe that abundance is your birthright and the birthright of everyone that lives on the planet?

Because if you don’t, you will think this life we live is some kind of monopoly game where there is a finite amount of resources and so then you start to feel guilty about attempting to create wealth for you and yours.

And that, honey, is enough to put a spanner in the works!

Please see that, regardless of what the media would have us believe, there is an abundance of resources in the world – WHY?  Because there are human beings here and we all have creative powers, if we would just wake up and step into it.

And people are awakening all over the world, new inventions, new ideas are being put out into the world daily and this is a trend that will continue.

YOU have a part to play in that…

YOU have to wake up and start creating abundance for you and yours and we all benefit as a result.

Stop basing all your choices on a false premise of lack and scarcity – There is abundance everywhere and in everyone – you getting yours does not stop anyone else from getting theirs.  If anything, it might wake them from their stupor and cause them to do what it takes to get theirs.

You can be a beacon of what can happen when a person wakes up and lives.  You getting yours can get everyone else theirs, honey.  So get on with it!

3. The workman deserves his pay

Yes, I get it…

You are a giver! You give and give and give and even the idea that you are taking something from someone else, leaves you feeling like a taker and you do not want that.  You want to feel like you are generous and giving, so what that you are by default, making what you give seem cheap and worthless because you refuse to allow people to put a value on it by PAYING YOU WELL!

Yes, honey, you deserve to be paid for what you provide and also, they need to pay you to value your offering.

Stop shortchanging yourself, your family and the people you want to serve because you refuse to deal with your weird thinking around this.

Put your best work out into the world and then charge people appropriately to partake of it.  You deserve to live a life of wonder and wealth doing work that you love and getting paid well for it.

Accept that! and live from that.

Even if you are doing charity work, build that audience of people that you help for free but make sure you charge someone for access to those people.  You deserve to make an abundant living doing what you love.  Accept it and allow it to be so.  Stop actively rejecting money from coming into your life.

4. I can make money doing what I love

Somehow you have decided that it is not practical or even moral to live a joy-filled life.  I know you do not realise that this is what you are telling yourself and I assure you that I did not realise I was doing this either.

I thought that I had to be practical and do work that I disliked in order to earn money and then do the work I loved for free.

Somehow, I had got in my head that it was impractical to think that all of one’s life could be fun.  We were here to struggle, right?  not have fun.  It was selfish even to think that I could just have fun and make money at the same time.

What nonsense!  And those ideas will keep you trapped forever in a life you do not like.

You can have whatever you want…

WHATEVER you want!  There is no right or wrong about it!

There is just “Will you decide to create it and keep taking the steps to make it so?”

That is it!

You are working hard now, creating a life you do not adore and that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!

Why not redirect your efforts and create a life you do adore?

Same energy, honey!

5. Making money is simple

It really is simple!  Each day, you tell people how you can help them and invite them to buy from you and that is it.

Yes, you can get super fancy about it and the more people you tell, the more likely you are to sell and make money but really, this is it.

Decide what you want to sell – it can be a product you create, a product you sell for someone else, a service you provide, you can even sell access to an audience you have built up, whatever – and then tell lots of people and make it worth their while to buy from you and then gratefully receive the money.

Rinse, repeat!


Making money does not have to be super hard – It is usually your thinking around it that makes it feel hard.  Instead of seeing you have not told enough people yet about your thing, you make a lack of income mean that you are horrible at selling…

Instead of seeing that you are just not serving enough people every day and you can fix that, you make it mean that you are not enough and no one likes you!

Instead of seeing that you have not taken massive action and tweaked based on results, you make it mean that you must stay trapped in a job you dislike because you are not good at business!

Can you see how that line of thinking will keep you trapped.

Put all that down and just learn what needs to be learn to make money your way.

You have control over that.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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