5 Thoughts For When You Start Your Own Business

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Start Your Own Business

At the moment, there is a trend towards being your own boss, starting your own business, being the master or mistress of your own life in all areas. The world has just passed through another recession and all the certainties of a lifelong job were tested and so now, people venture out into their own thing. And also people recognise that they want a lot more freedom and maybe you have the same inkling.

Here are a few considerations.

Don’t Quit The Day Job

It is possible to start the business without giving up on the day job. It is possible to become an entrepreneur without quitting everything certain about your life. Most people do like an element of certainty and when you quit your job to follow your dream, it can be tough to keep desperation at bay and desperation is not conducive to creativity or innovation. And you certainly need those things when starting out in business.Instead, build your business on the side. Make time in your busy schedule to fit in some business activity. It is just a case of rearranging your priorities. This way, you build your business while maintaining some certainty about your income until the business gets to the point where it can support you and yours.

Quit The Day Job

Remember there are no rules. You may feel completely certain that your day job is a hindrance to you fulfilling your business dreams. Your day job may be too demanding to keep going while building your own business and so you may choose to take on something less strenuous to keep desperation at bay and then work with focus on your business. Of course, whatever you truly focus on will grow so you may find that this option gets you to your goal a lot faster than sticking with your demanding day job.The choice, of course, is yours. Either of the above options work. It all depends on your ability to deal with risk.

Start Your Business Around What You Love

You have probably already spent enough time doing things just for the sake of the money. So this time, choose to put your passion above your need for money. Building your own business is tough enough without choosing to create a business that means nothing more than income to you. The gurus do tend to split down the middle when it comes to doing what you love. Some will tell you to forget passion and do something that pays you as quickly as possible. Others will say follow your passion and focus until you make money from it.

Again, the choice is completely in your hands. However, you must ask the question “Why leave a job I no longer enjoy to start a business I do not feel that passionate about?”

It may seem the sensible thing to do but will it prove fulfilling in the long run.

Enlist Help As Soon As Possible

Leaving a career to start your own business can be a massive learning curve as you suddenly realize just how much used to be done for you in your company. In business, you have to be all things to all people, particularly at the start. Choose to very quickly outsource any tasks that are not your forte. Choose to very quickly work with a mentor or a coach to keep you clear and taking the right actions to get results. Choose to very quickly get whatever help you need to focus on the key income-generating activities that only you can do.

Act like the successful business owner you want to be. Start from the start to act this way so that you do not get in your own way and slow the growth of your company.

Recognise That You Must Sell

Too many professionals start their own business and think that the moment they hang up their shingle, the customers will come. You must be willing to sell yourself and your business. Most likely, as mentioned in the last point, the sales and marketing was done by someone else in your last company but now you have to choose to do it yourself. You have to be willing to put yourself out in the marketplace time and time again and invite people to work with you.

Will you do that?

If not then you definitely need to stay put in your job or you need to work with someone else who is more than willing to sell your products and services. Realise however, that no one will love your business idea as much as you do. So again, do what you love so you can easily talk about it.

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