I was never able to see the abundance around me because I was busy complaining about what I did not have.  I felt a discontent longing all the time, no matter how much I did have.  I complained about what I did not have and seemed to have an ability to only see all my lack and so, there seemed to be more and more of it.

Life became more abundant as I started to ACTIVELY and very deliberately look for things to be grateful for.

Gratitude is a superpower and I am pleased to use it daily to elevate my life.


Most people think that guilt is useful. It is not.  You have either been manipulated into it because you did not do something that someone else wanted you to do or you are using it as a shield to living life wholeheartedly.  If you really have done something wrong, ask for forgiveness and more the heck on.  How does feeling guilty help you?

Some think it means you will never do it again.  It doesn’t.  you can simply make a decision not to do something again, without all the accompanying emotional charge which keeps you from opening up to prosperity.  Learn to release these emotions fast.  They limit you


Ongoing guilt can lead to shame as you start to think of yourself as unworthy as a person.  Of course, one of the reasons you hold onto guilt is because deep down, you feel shame about who you are, as a person and guilt cloaks you from handling the underlying shame issue.

Handle it – Your abundance does depend on it.  If you feel ashamed of who you are, you will not allow yourself to do anything to open up to financial prosperity or abundance in any area of life.  This is one reason that I dislike strongly religious dogma that propagates this ‘I am a worm in need of saving’ mindset.


I want to pretend to fully understand why unforgiveness tends to hold you captive to lack but I don’t.  I just know that when i forgave, my income doubled in 90 days.  You may say it is not the same thing but I KNOW it is.  I decided that finally, no one was allowed to have so much power over me.  I let them go so that I could be free myself.  And in being free myself, I allowed myself to prosper more.


We get set in ways of thinking that keep propagating the same situations into our life.  We long for more but keep holding onto less.  It is silliness but we do not always see it because it can seem that everyone else is doing the same as we are.  We forget that most people are not happy and so, who really cares what most people are doing?

Do you want more?

Do you want to prosper?

then surely you see that you cannot be like most people.

Something about your thinking and your best efforts have got you to this place of stagnancy when you know you are capable of more.  Are you willing to consider that there is another way to think, act, be that can lead to total abundance?


Which of these do you need to handle in order to allow yourself to prosper?

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