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Wealth And Your Business

  1. You are far too concerned with looking good

    It is surprising the number of people I speak to who seem to think that the look of their website is more important than getting gout there and selling something to someone. They spend an unfortunate amount of time trying to make all the backend things look good and then they forget that no one completely cares about that. All they really do care about is whether you have a solution to their concerns. Do you?The other thing I find people so concerned about is how their friends and family perceive them. As if they are the people who are going to buy from you each and every day. They are not your ideal clients so why do you care what they think about the way you do business? It might be time to say ‘People Please No More’ Some people also hide behind a brand logo instead of putting up profile pictures online. So, prospects look at your brand and it means nothing so they move on to the next more personable business owner selling exactly what you are selling. Show up! Allow people get to know you so that they feel more loyal to you and then to your brand.
  2. You have unforgiveness in your life
    I know, I know, what has unforgiveness got to do with anything when it comes to making money and yet, it is scary how relevant it is. You might think that walking around with grudges against this and that person has no impact on your business but it does. Or more to the point, it has an impact on you and your energy.If you are hitting a ceiling in your life currently when it comes to your finances, can I exhort you to quiet yourself down, and just ask internally who I am not forgiving and as people’s names drop into your head, choose to let it go.And then give it a little time and see what happens to the growth of your business. I promise you, it will make a huge difference. When I did it, I doubled my business in 90 days.
  3. You don’t think you can
    Well, if you keep thinking that your success is dependent on whether you think you can or you think you can’t then you will always get what you expect. The solutions might be right in front of you but because you don’t think you can, you will not even see them.Everything in your life will always, ALWAYS match up to what you think is possible for you. Instead of waiting on self belief to magically arrive, just do something. Get a copy of the FREEDOM COLLECTION  and take action regardless of what you think. As you start to get results, your self-belief and confidence will rise. If you keep waiting to feel better about things, you never will and your business will never quite take off.
  1. You have an upper limit problem
    I got exposed to this issue when I read a wonderful book by a dude called Gay Hendricks – The Big Leap.

    Some people self sabotage if things get too good. Do you find yourself going through cycles of feast and famine all the time? Does it always seem that when things get good, you somehow make them bad again. You might get into an argument with your business partner or intimate partner, the child care person suddenly quits, staff steal from you, something always seems to get in the way of your prosperity.Could it be that you feel you don’t deserve to have any more than a certain limit of good stuff? Start consciously allowing yourself to experience joy and notice where any weird kind of guilt shows up. Get deliberate about allowing yourself to succeed.

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