Here’s A 5 Step Plan To Sponsor More People Into Your MLM Business In the Next 90 Days

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Building an MLM business is a long term thing so do not believe anyone who says you can get to massive passive income in a matter of days or weeks. It is a business like any other.

However you can move up your compensation plan in the first 90 days if you are focused and determined and driven to do so. Here is a plan for making it so and some of it may seem a little passive but if you get very deliberate about making it happen then it is impossible to fail.

1. Learn the essential skills

Remember that the MLM business requires skills that you may or may not have used in your previous or current occupation so make a point of investing a little time each day to build your skill level. There are a few essential skills which include, increasing your prospect list each day online or offline, inviting prospects to events, running events that convert prospects to distributors, leading a team to success and more. Make a point of improving these skills each day.

2. Take notice of everyone who crosses your path

Start paying attention to your gut feeling about people you meet each day and get into the habit of greeting people whatever you feel about them. Some people you will feel that you can mention the business straight away or invite them to sit with you for a coffee so you can talk it through with them. For others, you will just make eye contact and compliment them, if you can. This is about building new relationships but also about building your confidence in speaking to new people.

3. Choose to Connect with 10 or more people each day

Deliberately have a conversation as touched on in the last point with a minimum of ten people each day. Your business will not grow by passively speaking to people when you feel like it. You have to be ver deliberate about how many contacts you will make each day. Just take it day by day. Set a target and make contact. If doing things online, then deliberately send out private messages each day to your target number of people. You will get best results by combining online and offline tactics so set a target for both routes.

4. Set Up a Follow Up Sequence

Again, leave nothing to chance, just because you have spoke to someone once does not mean you leave them along. They may not have been ready at that time. Ask if it is okay to stay in touch with them from time to time and add them onto your email mailing list if you are able to get their contact details. And then keep them informed on what is happening with you. IF you meet a new contact but cannot get contact details, social media is a safe place for most leads so ask to connect with them on their platform of choice and then get very deliberate about sharing your lifestyle photos and things you are thinking about on your profile so that they are hearing about you by default. Keep an eye on them as well – Keep a spreadsheet of all your contacts and deliberately comment on their social media updates when it is appropriate to do so.This keeps you and your business opportunity top of mind for people and when they are ready, they will contact you.

5. Run regular events both online and offline

Invite your prospects to your events. The longer you remain in the business, the more you will realize that events are great places to convert prospects into distributors. Excitedly share your events on your personal profile – Do not be too sales- y – Be excited. And also, ask people to share it with other people. Use places like as well as a place to attract new prospects into your business by talking about something generic like personal development which lots of your prospects will be interested in and then at the end invite them to find out more about your business.Also, invite people to company held business presentations. Invite, invite, invite.

Like everything in life, you will only get out of your business what you put into it. There is no magic to building your business, there is just persistence.

If you are serious about getting more people into your business then follow this plan consistently and in great volume. Do not take no for an answer, in fact seek out the ‘NO’s because all your yeses are found in a sea of ‘No’s

Remember that and keep pressing forward.

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