It can take spirit-driven peeps a while to own their true message and their true design.

They think it will not make money and so they jump from place to place, trying this, dabbling at that, avoiding the truth of what they are here to deliver to the world.

Such a waste of time.

Let me save you some time, my love, just go straight to the thing you really want to do, go all in on it, regardless of how crazy it seems at the start. Figure out how to monetize it a step at a time.  You are going to do it in the end anyway and by then you would have wasted time, money and be a whole lot more unsure of yourself because of all the rabbit trails you went down.  You may as well surrender now.


Next, I have to shake clients loose of their need to perfect their lead magnet.  I try to emphasize the fact that you have NO IDEA what is perfect until you put it out in the marketplace so get it out ASAP!

You need to be generating leads, like yesterday!

Forget all the pretty pictures and such, I have been known to get a title and subtitle for a thing, set up a list in my email provider and maybe even a landing page and test the TITLE AND SUBTITLE with paid advertising to see if it works or not.  I have a certain target dollar amount for a lead magnet and if I do not get any leads by the time that sum of money is reached, I try something else.

No point creating something that no one wants unless you are creating for other reasons.

No emotion.  Just speed.


To carry on from the last point, there will be a lot of testing and tweaking in order to figure out what works.  I know some gurus seem to suggest that everything works first time, that has never been my experience.  For everything that works, I would have quite a few things that did not work.  I just keep going…testing this and that QUICKLY and I train my clients to do the same.  No emotional attachment to a thing until it is proven in the marketplace and even then, be willing to drop it like a hot potato, the moment it stops working.

You have a message to deliver on the world – Be committed to that!

However, do not be attached to the vehicle that carries the message.


Too many times, peeps listen to the crazy voice in their heads sooooo much that they just cannot show up and even when they do show up, they seem stilted and uncertain which makes prospects wonder what the matter is and they assume that your product/service is rubbish and so, you end up with no sales.

Before you do any marketing, REV UP YOUR ENERGY

Remember why you do what you do and communicate it with everything inside of you.  Put the fears and doubts to one side.  You can pick them apart later, if you really want to.


I know that in this day and age of social media, you can build a great audience with hardly any adverts but why not combine the two when starting out?  It will get you in front of more people quicker.

Personally I suggest a budget of $5-10 a day to begin with and then building up as you make sales.

Some peeps get scared of this and I can understand why you might be but it is worth it, so get over your fear and just do it.

OR get someone else to do it for you.

I personally run my ads and I am not particularly tech savvy so it is pretty simple to do.  Yes, it can be time and money-consuming to get them set up initially but it is worth it to me.  And the experience of writing soooooo many ads, makes me so much better at helping my clients to write ads that work, quickly.  And I assure you it is not copywriting savvy, it is simply the willingness to test and tweak and test and tweak until something works.


Which of these do you do?

And will you commit to stopping it?

THE OPULENCE CIRCLE is here to support you in moving forward

Come join in a brand new community of spirit driven souls determined to live to the fullness of their potential.


Much Amazing Love

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