So many rules to follow…

Rules that are supposed to bring us happiness and peace…

Rules that mostly do not work.

How can you so precisely define a unique human being and decide that the only way for their life to work is to follow the same regimen as everyone else on the planet?  Seems crazy to me but I get that it is easier to have these things in place to help those who are happy to go along with it.

But definitely not me.  The more deliberate I get about life, the more I realise that I have to break away from rules and define my own.

For example…

Religion Rules

It was not until I found the courage to step away from all the organised stuff and just get on my own spiritual path, that I found true intimacy and freedom.  I had always known that God was love but what I saw in organised religion did not always match up to it.  It tried, so I am not dismissing the whole thing because it did give me a foundation that I would not otherwise have had and some powerfully deep friendships that shaped my life but then I had to break free of the building and its rules in order to discover the freedom and unconditional love that it preached about but struggled to demonstrate.

If you want freedom, you may need to find the courage to question what you have been taught.  Stop worrying so much about going to hell ( and find a path that feels real to you.

To me, this is critical if you know that your spirituality is not optional.  While I was stuck thinking that the way I was taught was the only way, I was not able to commit fully to living out my vision or dreams because I always felt somehow…wrong for having them and it was more important to me to be right with God than to gain the world.  And so, I kept waiting and waiting and waiting to finally hear the word from the Lord or something.

As I found the courage to ask questions and follow the promptings inside (My vision had always been my permission), I realised there was a heckuva lot of control going on and I no longer needed to submit to all that.  FREEDOM!

Sexuality Rules

Unfortunately, I was exposed to sex and pornography in ways I should not have been and so it awakened my sexuality before I had the wisdom to know what to do about it.  And with nothing except the ‘SEX IS BAD’ religious books to read, it left me feeling like I needed to stifle all things sex.

This carried on into adulthood, where when I did dare to explain what I felt inside, I had the ‘Let us cast out the demons’ group on me.  They meant well but it just left me feeling even more guilty and ashamed of all things sexual.

Finally in my late 20s, early 30s, I found the courage to go straight to Source for answers.  After all, why did I feel these things, if they were so bad?  Why give me these feelings, if I had to stifle them?  the answers I heard were so freeing I had to share them.  It has caused a few problems with relationships and religion but your sexuality is way too important to stifle.  WAY TOO IMPORTANT so speak up, I shall!

If there is any hidden weirdness, guilt, shame going on there for you, it is time to break the rules and get it sorted.  Your creativity, prosperity DEPENDS on you being free!

Past Story Rules

I have always had big dreams but there was also a part of me that kinda felt that as my parents were professionals and had decided that I must be one too then that was all I was locked into forever.  And then there is a feeling that if no one you know has done the stuff you dream of doing then maybe, you do not get to do it either.  Or maybe, you think that if you came from a lack-filled, abusive background then that defines you forever.

Well, NO!  It does not.

You get to start a whole new story whenever you choose to design one.

It matters not a jot what has gone before, where you come from, what colour you are, what money you have, whether you know how, who hurt you, who you hurt.  It only matters what you do next.  You make the rules, honey!

Family Rules

I come from a family with lots of traditions and rules about how things should be done.  I never quite understood all of them but felt I should go along with it.  I never quite could.  And that made me feel guilty all the time.  I never felt good enough, even as I put on my rebellious face and everyone thought I did not care.

I finally realised I had nothing to rebel against.

I could simply say no and forget about it.

Some of the expectations and rules really did MAKE NO SENSE whatsoever so as much as some peeps were happy to go along with things.  I was not. and that was okay.

FREEDOM to be who I really was, without all the guilt, shame and manipulation.


Where do you need to break free from false loyalty so that your energy is going towards more useful pursuits?

Work Rules

There seems to be an underlying rule that it is impossible to create a life doing only what you love.  And in fact, it is selfish to think that you can.  Well, I finally decided that I was not going to obey that rule!

I tried to be a pharmacist for the rest of my life but it was too YUKKY to contemplate and it felt like I was selling my soul just to make money.  I tried to just do the things I wanted to do on the side and be happy with it but I was not.  I knew I was called to something more than just fitting my dreams into some crevice of space.

I ain’t gonna pretend it has been easy to make the transition from this very regular rule to my more deliberate rule of living a life of purpose, connection, calling, prosperity.  And the journey continues.

However, I would not swap my life for anything and definitely not for a life where I had to stifle myself to fit in.

Is it time you made the transition?

Is it time you opened your mind to the possibility that you could live life on your terms?

What if it simply a choice to design a life you love, instead of carrying on with the design of a life you do not love?

What if you gave as much effort to build a purpose-driven, passion-fuelled life as you do to your ‘well, it is okay’ life?  Could you make the transition?

I think success is inevitable for every human being on this planet but the only question is ‘what have you decided success is to you?”  You will ALWAYS get what you expect.  I expect every area of my life to make me happy and so therefore I put the effort into make it so.   But most people expect that they are going to have to settle in some areas and so, they are very successful at creating a life where this is true.

Ready to break some rules and define your own?

I hope so.

How else will you create a life you adore?

How else will you ensure you are completely spent by the end?

How else will you live free, rich, loved?

Isn’t it time you got on the DELIBERATE LIFE path where you deliberately design a life of fulfilment, abundance, freedom – prosperity in all areas?

Step 1 – Come join the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Leave behind the past.

Rise victorious in your TRUE DESIGN life.

Much Amazing Love

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