5 Reasons Why Professionals Find It So Hard To Make The Transition To Their Own Business


In my work with professionals transitioning to their own business, there are various reasons they find it difficult but these are the ones that come up time and time again.


What do you think?


  1. They are so used to their super salary paying their way in life. They have got used to earning a whole lot of money and somehow, it seems impossible that they could ever replace it with their own efforts.
  2. They are so used to having people do everything for them – Yes, I know you think you work hard but you do not work anywhere near as hard as you will do when you start your own business.

    You come into your own business and suddenly, you have to know marketing, sales, the numbers and so much more when you have spent all that time specializing in your one super skill which you are super good at, but that alone is not enough. Which brings me to my next point.

  3. They think their skill should be enough and are horrified to find out that a business is more marketing than skill. Yes, you may be absolutely amazing at what you do but if no one knows about it then guess what? No one will buy from you.
  4. They are used to someone telling them what to do

    Again, I can hear the annoyance in your head as you read that after all, you are a leader in your field, right? However, in your own business, you will find that it is incredibly hard to be a leader of one – YOURSELF!

    Getting yourself to do all the things that make you feel a little uncomfortable will be a full time activity all of a sudden and there is no one there to tell you what to do especially if you have not even got any clients yet so there is not even a deadline to keep you moving forward. You suddenly have no one to report to so it is tempting to do very very little.

  5. They are used to being super professional

    You wear the suits, you OWN your title and suddenly, in business, you need to loosen up and be present on places like social media and you are used to hiding behind your work like I used to do in Pharmacy. I would hide behind the dispensary and try never ever to come on out into the world of customers if I could help it (I did enjoy going into the consulting room with patients to do Medicine Use Reviews– I quite liked that!).

    Except now in my business, in order to tell people how I can help them, I need to come out of my shell and actually be everywhere, doing something or else, my business does not grow.

    And some days it is just plain TOUGH!

    I want to hide. Those dreadful networking meetings! Social media!!! Putting my face on my Facebook Page!!!!! People might actually KNOW ME! Oh my goodness!


So… Which of these are you finding to be the truth for you?


What is stopping you from getting your business off the ground and keeping it growing and growing? Tell me more, I want to know.


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